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One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare 

An Introduction of the serialized form of One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare

Dear reader, what about treating you to a story that is told in parts and unveiled in installments over a period of time? Indeed, this month marks the launch of the serialization of my short story: One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare. Anthropomorphism is when an animal can talk in a story. It is usually used in stories and art.


If you have read my novel, Timebomb: Before The Spring Rains you will probably know that it serves as an allegorical prologue for that prose narrative. It is a story within a story. The surface story centers on the errant duo of Hare and Elephant that is hauled to a court of justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The ten-member jury had insects, birds, reptiles and animals in it. Bat presided over deliberations. Every bird, every reptile, every animal and every insect watched the proceedings with keen interest. What would the outcome be and would they survive?

Persistence and pertinence

The recent video that shows the unjust, insensitive and insincere ejection of a Member of Parliament from Parliament is yet another vibrant confirmation, symptom and hint of how titanic, pertinent, insolent, unresolved, silent (and silenced) yet loud, reprehensible and irrepressible this issue is even up to this very day in spite of some people’s theaters of pitifulness, pontifications and pretensions. https://www.newzimbabwe.com/watch-zanu-pf-only-known-for-massacres-says-mliswa-outspoken-mp-kicked-out-of-parliament-over-gukurahundi-mention/

Part 1

One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare

He paused and pondered there for some moments as if thunderstruck while the truth stood stoutly reminding and growling at him. Hare thrived on deceit, manipulation and misinformation. He always won races hands down against other animals by hook and crook. Some animals saw him as a divinely anointed runner. In fact, many animals had come to accept that Hare was as invincible as he was slippery. He constantly vaulted and dodged with ease and rapidity so as to elude his pursuer. Precipice or no cliff, he was simply untouchable. That was his trademark.

Then one stupid day the impossible happened…Tortoise, the most unexpected and most foolish-looking foot-dragger of them all, beat the flat-footed and witty Hare at his game, much to the delight and amazement of the other animals who were tired of the one-way, one-man affair he had been subjecting them to over years and years. The animals` lives had been a tempest of actual and imagined unease and betrayal. They had a knot in their bellies as the grisly acts of Hare unfolded like a plot in their midst. Hare suffered a series of fall-outs with friends and other animals the moment he acted and thought of himself as the centre of the jungle. When other animals, old or young, counselled him, he closed his ears with stubs in a condescending fashion, declaring to himself that they were noisy nosey fools. On those occasions, he would get up from one of his kingly and gold-coated chairs he had won year in year out, and would swagger towards the counsellor, cough once or twice for good measure and rhetorically ask, “What have you just


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