One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 8

Fusion Of Fact

In fact, chatty Cat clapped his claws, and shouted, “Well done, Snail and Pig! What a scintillating performance to mark a great occasion!” He bent his neck towards Cockroach and remarked, “l am sure we are unanimous that Elephant has to carry his own trunk, because it cannot be too heavy for him now! His mere presence and sight used to get tongues wagging.

He was Hare`s eyes and ears. He instilled fear in us, we watched whatever we had to say in his presence. Remember, Dog, though loyal as he was –one day decided to say enough is enough. He said it amongst many animals, including Elephant, that he was going to catch Hare with his claws, shake him down to mother earth and bring him to our court, presided over by none other than our respected, tested and dependable elder animals, so that justice could be administered. You know what happened? 

The following day, Dog disappeared without as much as a howl or trace! It was a common mystery. However, we all know that evil Elephant had a claw in this foul play. And we know too, under whose instructions Elephant was acting. The Day of Justice has been awaiting them. Finally and fortunately, it is here”. Cockroach nodded, thinking of how quite Sheep was clubbed by Elephant, acting on the orders of Hare. Elephant had claimed he was beating him up because Sheep had an unsightly habit of keeping mucus on his face.

He added that the mucus made him (Elephant) feel like throwing up. However, it turned out that Sheep`s crime was his eventual refusal to sing praises for Hare. In a subservient fashion, he used do whatever he was told to do. Hare used to order him to jump and he would ask, “How high, Sir?”

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