One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 14

Of Lies, Pies ‘n’ Promises

Tortoise touched on the wisdom and weight of the values, practices and models centred on the fundamentals of mutual respect, community, humility, love, happiness, selflessness, sympathy and empathy.      

He cautioned, “What happens to Giraffe also happens to Lion. Laugh at an invalid when you are no more. Beyond the grave. That`s what our foresighted elders admonished us to bear in mind. Do not ever laugh at the wound of another animate. For you don`t know whether tomorrow your body will remain intact and healthy. We know that it is not encouraged for someone to talk ill of the dead, but let us face it. This is the moment of truth. Hare did not laugh with other animals, instead he smiled at them, and how? In his insincere and insidious ways, he smiled at them. He is infamous. He authoured other animals` miseries”.

He counseled couples, especially those in positions of power and privilege to be mindful of and sensitive to the plight and aspirations of others. He stated, “History has it. It is recorded. His misdeeds. As if that were not enough, he gloated over their wretchedness, he presided over their ruins, and their sense of helplessness whilst his wife whistled and giggled, curled up in an expansive grass-cushioned couch. Such was Hare. Hare, who is lying there. His actions were divisive and sinister. He favoured those who did not question things or who clapped claws or feet or wings for him, no matter how lost he was”.

A little whirlwind flared up, shaking sideward the branches and leaves of the trees in the process. Tortoise took a snort for a while. He then picked up from where he had left off, revealing and cautioning that in life every bird sometimes misses the twig, every insect occasionally goes off course, and that every animal errs or falls sick. He also observed that power has a tendency of dancing rudely and blindly with pride and greed, and much to the chagrin and detriment of the spirit of decency, development and singleness of purpose.

“Hare hated with a passion those who sought to correct his wrongs. He never admitted he was wrong or weak at times. Was he not of blood and flesh like us? Was he incapable of making errors? Virtuous and invincible? Really? Was he listening to his inner voice or the deafness of his pride? Hadn’t Hare become a conscienceless and arrogant animal?”

Unanimity reverberated, validated and coasted off the comforted and unimpeded chests of his spectators across the length and breadth of the pulsating woodland. All chorused, “Absolutely! What a brutal braggart. Down with pride! Down with greed and cruelty! Down with hurtful and heinous Hare!” 

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