Omokri reveals 10 shocking things about Peter Obi

By Merit Ugolo

Self acclaimed Buhari Tormentor, Reno Omokri has averred that the candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 Presidential election, Peter Obi does not have the capacity to transform Nigeria into a developed country.

In a post on Facebook, the former presidential aide said Obi’s past records are a testament that his campaign promises are lies.

Omokri wrote:

1. Obi, who did not turn Anambra to paradise, will turn Nigeria into a paradise.

2. Obi, who did not conduct LGA elections in Anambra will deepen democracy in Nigeria.

3. Obi, who obeys IPOB in Anambra will end insecurity all over Nigeria.

4. Obi, who is the single largest individual importer in Nigeria, will move Nigeria from consumption to production.

5. Obi, who told the church to “take back your country”, will unite both Christians and Muslims.

6. Obi, who travels with multiple bags, only has one pair of shoes and one wristwatch, (what is in those bags).

7. Obi, who along with James Nwafor oversaw a period of extrajudicial killings of young Nigerians, whose bodies were dumped in the Ezu river, will ensure human rights.

8. Obi, who deposited Anambra money in a bank in which he had interest in, will fight corruption.

9. Obi, who according to Pandora Papers, hid his own personal wealth in foreign tax havens abroad, will attract capital to Nigeria.

10. Obi, who has never won any election in his home state of Anambra since 2014, will win the 2023 Presidential election.

You can believe these lies, because they are very imPOssible!

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