Omokri reveals 10 qualities of a wife material, number 9 will shock you

Former presidential aide to Goodluck, Reno Omokri, has revealed ten things that can help guys to identify a wife material.

In a post on Facebook titled ‘Characteristics Of a Wife Material,’ Omokri stated the following:

1.Gives you love, not romance

2.She does not need you for finance, or anything else. She is with you because she wants you

3.You can argue with her without the argument becoming a fight

4.She has high relevance, but is not high maintenance

5.She has her own independent, legal and provable source of income

6.Her relationship does not break when you are broke

7.Her human hair weave on is not her most expensive asset

8.She encourages you to save instead of taking her out to eat all the time

9.She is not insecure and does not check your phone, if she has issues, she confronts you directly

10.She knows how to pray, play, slay and stay


Omokri added that “If she has these features, then consider making her your future”


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