OBI Can’t Win…

It is becoming very obvious. The coast is clearer than it was weeks ago. Not even a blind man would claim ignorant, to the deaf it sounds like a dynamite, blasting and shattering their ear drums. How can he win? How on earth will Peter Gregory Obi win election? He doesn’t have the power, not even the resources to win.

You think he is the only person that wouldn’t win election in 2023? If you think in that direction, you may probably have another think coming. ATIKU wouldn’t, neither would Bola. They are all campaigning, throwing tantrum, mud slinging etc in the name of campaigns.

Who is the campaign manager of Peter Obi? Of course those that occupy such positions in both APC and PDP are largely known.

In the coming weeks, the game would be different, the media will be agog with lies, punchy blows and counter blows just to score some cheap political points.

The two major political parties were quite deliberate in their choice. Keyamo and Deno are two birds of a feather, fire for fire, lies for lies, high falutine talks for high falutine talks, more of theatrics and playing to the gallery than sensible issue based engagements.

Each of them would struggle, trust me selling their candidates. It certainly going to be a hard sell, harder than selling ice to the Eskimo. At best they will resort to gaslighing.

Who is the Campaign manager of Peter Obi? You don’t know? Or you have chosen not to know? Obi doesn’t have a spokes person?, no campaign manager? but the trail is blazing? The train is moving? And the crowd mammoth?.

He is a carpetbagger, a no structure politician, whose social media domineering presence isn’t a child’s play, what a talk in contradiction?

How can he win? Is election a game played on the space of social media? If only the space was legitimately recognised, my dance of swagger would have been never seen before.

He can’t win election and wouldn’t, because the election isn’t his. He knows nothing about the election, he is just a symbol, a place holder, standing in for the real owners of the election, those who are ready to defile all odds, make sacrifices and stick out their neck for the future they so desire.

On his own Obi can’t win election, the odds are against him, the coven activated to undo him and the powers and principalities that hover around hijacking destines and futures are not resting on their oars.

He can’t win election! Quote me if you like, Peter can’t win, and none of them can without the real owners standing by them.

Obidient movement isn’t his, it might have a resemblance of his name, but it is not his. He has no control over it, the movement runs on its own, a metaphor, a tsunami, a force, bulldozing every other ones assymetrical to values of the Obidient movement.

2023 isn’t the game for the entitled, it is not for those who feel it is their right. Heeeh! It is not for those who think money answereth all things . It is a game to be won by those who have what it takes to win the hearts of the masses “You can’t win the hearts and minds of the masses unless you inspire them – you must lift their spirits and enliven their hearts”.

Jason Silva

The souls of the masses have been enlivened, their spirit inspired, like an opium, he makes their hearts and souls bubbling, looking with enthusiasm the future hoped for but long denied.

Obi can’t win election and none of the duo can, the masses are the real winner, on whose side they are , becomes the winner of the election.

“Once we realize the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we’ll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate”.

Jason Silva

We have taken charge, our passivity and mumumness have expired, in our hands we have taken our fate, from being mere spectators to becoming the real creators of our destinies.

2023 is for the masses, Obidient is our slogan, Peter Obi our placeholder. We own the process, we determine who rules and our public accountability wouldn’t be joked with.

From the crucible, right from the depth of the burning fire of corruption, misrule, lacklustre, incompetence etc Nigeria and Nigerians are emerging into a dawn for a better future.

2023, we the masses will win the election and Obi our placeholder. At any time the winner ( masses) feels dissatisfied with the placeholder, the exit door certainly would be obidently Yusuful.

We no dey laugh, we no dey smile, we no dey collect shishi, you think we are mumum, we know what we are doing.

Our conscience would be incorruptible, caged and enslaved wouldn’t be a place to be for any patriotic Nigerian.

Keep your money, for our passion and drive is to have the Nigeria of our dream, too precious above rubies to be compromised.

We are the campaign manager of the Obidient revolution, the masses are those who are tired of these shenanigans and it is our time mentality.


Jarlath Opara

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