Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu narrowly escapes in Cameroon as gunmen attack leaves 3 dead

Reports by Trendygists stayed that the actor, Sylvester Madi, had been in Bamenda, Cameroon, after local filmmakers invited him to shoot a film called ‘Abakwa.’

However, last night, when Sylvester and his team decided to relax at a leisure spot in Bamenda, chaos broke out as Ambazonia Boys, also known as Amba Boys, caused disturbances.

The Amba Boys argued that the owner of the drinking spot brought Sylvester without settling them, leading to a disagreement that escalated into gunfire.

Panic spread through the leisure spot, with people seeking cover on the ground. Sylvester sought refuge in the VIP section, hiding in a corner.

According to the information provided, military forces promptly stepped in to regain control of the situation.

Upon reaching the scene, they encountered the Amba Boys, and Sylvester Madu was safely taken away in a military vehicle.

The unfortunate turn of events resulted in the loss of three lives, while at least eight individuals suffered injuries during this unforeseen incident.


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