Nigerians criticize Napoli for congratulatory message to Osimhen after AFCON 2023

Nigerians went on social media to criticize Italian football team Napoli for celebrating Nigerian player Victor Osimhen only after he helped Nigeria qualify for the 2023 African Cup of Nations final. 

Napoli had not acknowledged Osimhen’s performance earlier in the tournament, which upset many Nigerians.

One person, Onyeani, expressed disappointment in Napoli’s delayed recognition, using a mix of Pidgin and English to convey their frustration.

They compared Napoli’s actions to cooking jollof rice with specific ingredients and questioned why the club hadn’t supported Osimhen from the start.

Dr. Stan criticized Napoli for not valuing Osimhen, suggesting he should consider moving to another club.

Afrowave Queen called Napoli “enemies of progress,” while others accused the club of failing to support Osimhen despite his contributions.

Tina Osagie thanked another club, Atalanta BC, for celebrating their player Ademola Lookman, contrasting it with Napoli’s lack of acknowledgment for Osimhen.

Jetro Olowole and others dismissed Napoli’s congratulatory message, believing Osimhen’s success would shine regardless of the club’s recognition.

Hassan accused Napoli of ingratitude towards Osimhen, despite his efforts in helping them win the league.

Ronald Nnamdi Gabriel praised Osimhen as the “King of Napoli,” but some users suggested he should leave the club at the end of the season due to their perceived mistreatment.

Bodunbrin and Joe Praise criticized Napoli harshly, with Bodunbrin calling the club “mumu” (foolish) and suggesting Osimhen should leave.

Captain Tango labeled the club as “racist,” while Emediong Essien expressed hope that Osimhen would find a better team in the summer transfer window.

Osimhen’s outstanding performance during the match against South Africa earned Nigeria a penalty and almost secured a win, but it was later overturned by VAR.

Despite his impending departure from Napoli, clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea are interested in signing him.

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