Nigerian troops arrest three soldiers for theft of ammunition

Nigerian troops arrest three soldiers

Troops participating in “Operation Desert Sanity” in Maiduguri, Borno State, reportedly apprehended three soldiers on allegations of stealing ammunition in the state. The soldiers were taken into custody during a covert operation conducted at motor parks along Njimtilo road in Maiduguri.

According to a source, the incident occurred on December 2, 2023, when the troops engaged in covert operations at motor parks and along Njimtilo Road at Njimtilo. During this operation, three soldiers were apprehended.

One of them, who was on his way to Makurdi, was found in possession of 250 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition.

Another soldier, also en route to Makurdi, was arrested with four fully loaded magazines and 110 rounds of ammunition concealed ingeniously in a “Mudu” (a traditional measurement plate) of rice.

The third soldier, headed for Abuja, was detained with 14 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. All suspects are currently in custody pending further investigation.

Efforts to obtain a statement from Maj-Gen. Buba Edward, the Director of Defence Media Operations, were unsuccessful, as calls to his mobile phone went unanswered, and messages sent for an official statement remained unresponded to as of the time of this press release.

The military authorities are likely to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the alleged theft of ammunition by the arrested soldiers.

The Nigerian Army recently apprehended a number of soldiers who were allegedly engaged in the illicit activity of selling ammunition to both Bandits and Boko Haram terrorists within the state.

This significant development came to light as part of the military’s ongoing efforts to curb unauthorized weapon transactions and enhance national security.

The arrests were made following thorough investigations into suspected involvement in the illegal arms trade.

These soldiers, entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the nation, are now under scrutiny for their alleged connections with groups known for perpetrating violence and terrorism.

This revelation underscores the challenges faced by security forces in tackling internal threats and maintaining the integrity of their ranks.

The Nigerian Army, committed to addressing such internal security lapses, is expected to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances surrounding these soldiers’ alleged collaboration with bandits and terrorists.

It remains crucial for the military to maintain public trust and uphold its duty to protect citizens from threats posed by insurgency and criminal activities.

The arrested soldiers will likely undergo a thorough legal process to determine their level of involvement, and if found guilty, appropriate legal actions will be taken to ensure accountability.

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