Nigerian, Single and Thirties_ How Ladies Should Deal With The Struggle

In Nigeria, it’s like a taboo to be a single lady in her thirties. The struggle is real. You see couples wherever you go to, your friends and mates are getting married and having kids, everyone around you seems to be talking about their married life and you have nothing to share. Your parents are on your neck to find a man; they make you feel as though you are incomplete without a man in your life. While all these are happening and you are trying to keep your head above the water, there are times or moments of frustration and grief over not having love, marriage and children. You find yourself constantly drawn into a place of misery.

But then, it doesn’t have to be that way. I know you didn’t plan on staying single till your thirties but still, you could be happy despite the fact that your life did not turn out as expected. Being a single lady in your thirties is not the end of the world and here is how you can deal with the societal pressure coming your way:

  1. Be happy and stay positive

Seriously, this life is too short to be wallowing in self pity all because you don’t have a man in your life. You are just single, you did not kill anybody. Be happy to be single and spread a positive vibe wherever you go to. I have heard some ladies suddenly conclude that true love doesn’t exist anymore. I understand that life may have taken you to that point but you have to stay positive.

  1. Keep yourself busy

When you keep yourself pre-occupied with only thoughts of love, marriage or men, then there is no doubt that they will wear you down. Keep yourself busy. There are still other areas of your life you could concentrate on developing. It could be your dreams, your talents and passion. 

  1. Be a social butterfly and go out more.

Okay, now I am not telling you to go out more just so you can find yourself a man. But going out more would help you meet new people, make valuable friends and acquaintances and expand your network.

  1. Be grateful

Another way you can enjoy your single life is by being thankful for the life that you have and all that you are blessed with; life, shelter, friends and family and so many other things. Most times, we humans get so bothered thinking out what we don’t have that we tend to forget our blessings.

So, there, be grateful. And have it at the back of your mind that you are just single, you didn’t kill anybody. I understand that you are tired of being single to stupor but understand that there are people in relationships or married couple that wish they were in your shoes. So, enjoy your single life.

 Be comfortable with it. Know this; YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO COMPLETE YOU. 

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