Nigeria Police officers withdrew my money using POS – Man Laments

Nigeria Police officers withdrew my money

A Nigerian man by the Twitter name Alilmoonn has called on Nigerians and the Nigerian Police Force to come to his aid after some officers around second rainbow area of Lagos harassed him and took N100,000 from his account using a POS machine.

The victim who shared the transaction receipt said he was arrested with no offense, seeing that he is using iphone 13, the Police officer tagged him a fraudster and asked to pay 200,000 or he will be handed over to the EFCC.

“The police men found nothing, the other one asked me to come down and meet their boss, I did and the boss asked me to enter inside the car they’re using to patrol, they carried me and said they want to report me to the EFCC, I’m a barber by profession, I have my certificate.”

The Victim said he was on his way returning from the Federal Registry at Ikoyi with an Uber, when the four heavily armed Police men stopped him.

“In my life I have never been this scared, Nigeria is so scared, I was abused today by the Nigerian police men? They were 4 men plus the driver, I was coming back from the federal registry at ikoyi, this men stop my Uber drive and asked him to open his boot, he did.”

I’m innocent, this men pressed me to the extent I couldn’t breathe and I was begging them so I can take air they refused, they said I’m using an iPhone 14 pro max, I’m into fraud, I swear on my life I have never done anything like that in my life!

“The police men said I should pay them 2 million naira, firstly they took my phone from me, I can’t even reach my mom or family, I told them that I don’t have up to that amount they’re requesting and I pleaded for them to stop but they never listened!!! It’s so sad Nigeria.

So the man checked my UBA balance and found out I didn’t have such amount and told them to collect 100k from me, I did nothing, they didn’t see any fraud activity in my phone, the man said if I didn’t pay they will beat me or take me to the EFCC and lock me up.

I was begging, I told them it’s my hard earn money Nigeria is hard and this men still making it unbearable for us it’s very sad they took the 100k from my bank, I couldn’t take pictures of the police because they’re with my phones.

I can’t breathe!!!! Your men did this to me today!! One of them even cock a gun, they’re after the money but not my safety, all thanks to God because I don’t even know what my mom would do without me🥹 at that stage I was thinking if I’m going to see my mom and family again

I only have the picture from the POS slips.. these men are in second rainbow Lagos State.

These men brutalized me and took 100k from me! I’m not an internet fraud, I have a job I provide for myself and family.

I need my 100k back @PoliceNG.”

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