Nekede Poly Must Not Victimize The Girl In A Viral Video

Like most Nigerian institutions, the management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede might want to use that lady who recorded a video thanking God and her p*ssy for helping her graduate from the Polytechnic as scape goat.

That lady has done nothing wrong, and if I know her, I will support her to get a good lawyer who will ensure that Poly Nekede pays her hefty damages should they ever delay her graduation by even one day.

The girl could actually be talking about her little cat that kept her company while she studied. It is not the school’s business to know if the cat is still alive or even to request to see the cat. That cat could be her secret muse. P*ssy could even be the nickname she calls her boyfriend, her Mum or someone very dear to her, who helped her get through school.

And even if she was talking about the thing my generation has come to know as p**sy, what’s wrong with that. What arrangements did the school make to protect students who might be taken advantage of by their lecturers and what programmes did government which owns that school put in place to ensure that every child who earnestly desire higher education gets it, without resorting to some “immoral” activities?

The Nigerian system must stop using soft targets to shine. If you must enforce discipline, enforce it from top to bottom. Laws shouldn’t be for those at the lower rung of society alone.

Poly Nekede should leave that beautiful woman alone to move on with her life. Give her her certificate if she earned the grades and let her move on with her life.

If there is anyone who should be investigated, it is the school authority and the Nigerian government.

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