Ndigbo, PDP women leaders in Ogbadibo visit Abba Moro

The Senator representing Benue South Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator Abba Patrick Moro, on Sunday, played host to the leadership of Igbo Community in Ogbadibo LGA at his Ugbokolo residence in Benue State.

Speaking on behalf of other officials, the President, Mr Ejiofor Omeme, said the Igbo community in Ogbadibo LGA would have come to congratulate the Senator since, but was constrained by one thing or the other.

He said they were law-abiding and responsible citizens plying their trades in Ogbadibo one of the LGAs under the jurisdiction of Moro as the Benue South Senator.

Mr Ejiofor told the Senator that they were in his house to congratulate him on his election and commend him for the leadership qualities that he has shown so far. He informed him that they were mobilized by Manex Agada Johnson to support him in 2019 and said they would continue to support him.

His words: “Most Distinguished, we are here to congratulate you. We identify with you and pledge our continued support for you. We supported you in 2019 and will continue to support you, because you have not disappointed us.”

In his response, the visibly elated Senator said he was not surprised that the Igbo community came to visit him.

He said, “I’m not surprised that you have come to identify with me, and I receive you with open hands. You are here not because you have nothing doing, you are here because of the love you have for me and I sincerely appreciate you.

“I urge you to continue to support me. I assure you that I won’t disappoint you. I will continue to do my best for you. I promise myself that I will do my best to improve on the welfare of my people, and this I’m doing dedicatedly.

“We are facing security challenge in the country today and Ogbadibo is not exempted. In your various domains, be the vanguard of security. Where you are overwhelmed, call on the security agents.

“I put myself forward for election in 2019 and you supported and elected me. As your representative in Abuja, I will continue to do everything I can to preserve your lives and businesses anywhere in Benue South. I will work with the relevant Stakeholders to provide the enabling environment for your businesses to thrive.

“Because of the length of time that you have spent in this land, you are now only answering Igbo by name, you are already bonafide members of the community where you stay and do your business. I don’t see any difference between you and members of those communities.

“I want you to see yourselves as brothers of the Idoma community. I only enjoin you to respect the tradition and culture of your host communities.

“Every year, the Senate approves constituency projects for Senators. I get mine too, and I make sure the projects are evenly distributed to all the LGAs in Benue South. Now that I know that you are my supporters and, as business people, I will encourage whoever is handling my constituency projects in Ogbadibo to patronize you for the needed materials. I thank you very much for coming.”

Also in the Senator’s home for a courtesy visit were PDP Women Leaders from Ogbadibo.

The women, led by Hon. Eloyi Enokela, were in the Senator’s home to show solidarity and reaffirm their support for him.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Hon. Eloyi said Ogbadibo women were in full support of the Senator as he has not disappointed them.

She said: “Since your election and inauguration as our Senator, you have been performing excellently well. You are doing your work well and we are so pleased. You don’t forget us. Recently, you shared sewing and milling machines to us, in addition to grants you gave to us. You are representing us well and we have no reason to oppose or change you.

“You have never abandoned Ogbadibo people, the women in particular, and we will not abandon you, even as we approach another election in 2023.

“We are here to pledge our support to you and assure you that we are for you.

In his response, Senator Moro said he was happy with the visit.

He said: “Ogbadibo and Okpokwu have always been one. I, in particular, have a personal relationship with Ogbadibo; my great grandmother is from Ogbadibo.

“I appreciate this visit, it’s a sign that we will continue to work together. Despite the skirmishes that trailed the last primaries, in the main election, you people voted massively for me.

“Whatever I can do to better the lots of the people, I will not hesitate to do that. Let’s join hands together to strengthen our party, the PDP, as there’s no alternative to it in Benue South.”

The Distinguished Senator used the opportunity to formally inform his guests of his intention to seek re-election in 2023. “So many of you thought I would go for governor. Yes, I would have loved to go for it, but God and you, my Constituents, have sent me to the Senate, it’s proper that I leave the governorship for another son or daughter of Benue South who’s interested in the position. I’m not the only person in the land. In 2023, God’s willing, I shall seek re-election to go back to the Senate, because I have so much to offer, and I’m already used to the terrain and politics of the Upper Chamber. I crave your support and prayers.

“Don’t let anybody come to deceive you tomorrow that he or she also wants to be Senator. I’m not against anybody’s aspiration but you must put into consideration people’s ability to deliver if elected into public office.

“As you have rightly observed, I’m doing my best, and will continue to deliver on my campaign promises to you. I will never disappoint you. I thank you so much for coming.”

In the same vein, the 30 Women In Politics Group from Ogbadibo was equally on ground to identify with the Distinguished Senator and pledge its support.

Hon. (Mrs) Regina Lawani and Hon. (Mrs) Okwori spoke on behalf of the group and they all confirmed that Senator Moro was living up to expectations and representing the Benue South people well.

They said they had no other candidate than the Comrade-Senator for the 2023 Senatorial election in Benue South, God’s willing.


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