A troubled Nigerian woman has taken to the public to seek advice on her embattled marriage. In a message shared on Facebook by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s aide, Ovie Success Ossai, the woman who narrated her ordeal, asked the public to advise her on what to do.

She wrote:

I feel I have made the worst mistake in my life. I got married last year to a man I barely know. I was misled to think he was the best guy for me. I saw the signs during the 3 months courting.

There was a time I went to his house to visit, we had an argument and he locked me in. Days after, he apologized. Said he doesn’t know what came over him. Said I shouldn’t quit the relationship, that I’ll enjoy him. He made me believe it’s the devil that doesn’t want us to be together, he also mentioned my ex. He is very good at apologising.

We got married and believe me, since the second month of our marriage, it has been hell for me. He abandons me at home and returns late at night. I know he doesn’t have another woman but he’s very good at keeping malice after a small misunderstanding.

I got pregnant almost immediately after but he denied the pregnancy. Said it must be for one of my exes. Probably because I told him all about my past.

We had misunderstanding and he beat me but I continued living with him. Sometimes, he lockS me out and I’ll be forced to sleep outside with pregnancy. I was traumatized.

He also refused to take me to the hospital for antenatal. I’ve talked to him severally to please stop keeping his distance so we could settle whatever misunderstandings we have but he’ll just leave me and go to another room to sleep. I slept alone, carried the pregnancy alone. I was so depressed, I cried so many nights.

I called God to intervene and God always gave me peace. He managed to register me for antenatal later. His family members have come in to settle matters without success. He hit me once during my pregnancy and I left to stay with my elder sister. Since I left him, I’ve had peace.

I have given birth now and my baby is a carbon copy of him. He comes to beg me to return to him, that he’s sorry but I don’t want to go back. Whenever I see him, my heart starts pounding fast like someone wants to kill me. I don’t want to go back again. I’m so free now and comfortable with my baby. What do you think about my decision?