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Impetus for Champions   

During World War II there were as many as 1,285 pilots who got the title of an ace. Ace is a title given to combat pilot who has won victories in at least five airstrikes.

How did the combat pilot fight in the air to accomplish such victories? Many of them did it the traditional way – dogfights.

But there was one combat pilot that fought differently. His name was Sergeant Paule Rossmann. He had more than eighty in air victories. How did he accomplish such a feat?

Rossmann, early in his career had an arm injury that made it impossible for him to dogfight like other combat pilots. Naturally, in dogfights, it is those with more physical strength that always win the victory. Rossmann with his injured arm knew he could not handle a battle that involves a lot of physical strength. He devised a different strategy to do his own battle. He would thoughtfully and thoroughly strategize and plan his own attack. Instead of firing indiscriminately like the other pilots, he would spend a lot of time calculating his attacks. Rossmann would focus his mind, and attack through a process known as “see and decide prior to firing” strategy.  Thus, he was able to win about eighty in air victories. 

What has all this got to do with being a champion in the game of life? Rossmann knew he had an injured arm, which is a kind of limitation, so he developed his own unique gameplan for winning victory in the air. In the same manner, if you want to be a winner in the game of life, you must know your weakness and know your strength. You do then develop your own unique strategy that will allow you to win most of the time in spite of your weakness.

Also as Bossmann did, you must learn to concentrate all your energies and all your resources in the place of your strength which of course, should be in that thing that gives you the highest financial returns.

In this piece today, I want to share with you three areas of strength you can build on that will give you that unique edge to win big time in the game of life.

Firstly, anytime you want to be sure of winning in anything you are doing make adequate preparation for your ace. It is your preparation that determines your performance. To be successful in any task, it is very important that you prepare thoroughly.

How do you prepare? You prepare by knowing what is it that you want to do. Know where you are and where you want to go. Envision where you want to go, see the kind of challenges you might likely meet on the way.

Part of your preparation is to make sure you are doing the right thing. It is not enough for you to be working hard; you have to be doing the right work. Prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for every assignment you want to do. Thorough preparation stimulates confidence in whatever you want to do in life. Spend enough time and energy to thoroughly prepare for any task that you want to carry out. Make thorough preparation for a regular part of your daily regimen. Think through every project before you begin. Mentally calculate all the things you need to complete the assignment.

Know your working tools and learn how to use those tools.

After you have thoroughly prepared, you must be ready to take action when the time comes because the action is what unites all successful people in life.

Secondly, learn to develop quality relationships. Many success stories can be traced to good relationships. If you meet truly successful people they would tell you that there are some encounters that changed their life.  In my own case, I would say that God has been partial to me. I mean I have been divinely connected to some people who have literally changed my life. I have many examples. I have met presidents of nations and many big people but one person that has truly become my helper of destiny is one young man called Moses, Kwasi Baiden of Margins Group. This guy makes me believe that I too can fly! Moses has the ability to make anyone feel like his best friend. More important, he connects with people. He thinks every human being is important. That is why he’d been my friend and brother for over twenty years.

For you to be a winner in life, you must seek to be connected to people who believe in you and your vision. 

I also want you to understand that every enduring relationship begins with respect.  If you want to establish a long-lasting relationship with someone, you must have high regard for that person. Learn to show respect to people even those that have not done anything for you. Don’t show respect only to people who have money. Show the same respect to everybody simply because every human being is made in the image of God. For you to connect with people at the deepest level, show that you care especially during the moment they are facing challenges.

Again, let me state here that every relationship is sustained and deepened when both parties make a positive contribution to the relationship. Stephen Covey called it saving into the emotional bank. If you are into any relationship and you are the only one giving to that relationship, it means the other person want to kill you. Every relationship that must be long and lasting must be a kind of give and take. For you to cultivate a better relationship with people, take time to understand people and be a good listener. You must learn to be a burden bearer. Learn to be a solution to others, and you will have many friends.

I challenge you to spend some precious time to build a solid relationship with people of like minds if you want to be a champion in life. 

Lastly, for you to be a champion in the game of life, seek to grow and develop yourself on a daily basis. What can you do to improve yourself today? How can you improve your communication skills today? If you study the life of the most successful people they spend a considerable amount of time to develop their minds and their communication skills. If you can develop your mind and improve your communication skills, there is virtually no height you cannot reach in life. Part of self-development is imagining great things you want to do in the future. Even if you can’t go for a formal education now; seek to develop your mind by buying and reading books on leadership, entreprenurship, and motivation. Don’t go and learn because you want to feel superior to other people. Develop yourself daily so that you can be better today than you were yesterday. For me, the best form of progress in life is for you to be better today than you were yesterday.   If you take the time to prepare for anything you want to do, and cultivate the quality relationships and seek to daily develop yourself, there is no Jupiter that can stop your march toward greatness in life. Take these tools, sharpen them and begin to use them right now.

The angels are still in the whirlwind. Thank you for allowing me to share this candid thought with you.  You are not born to suffer. There is a seed of greatness within you. Only you can make your life a masterpiece. You have an option. You can lie down and sleep all day and night and curse your star that life and Nigeria have not been fair to you. Or you can design a workable plan and lead a worthy life intentionally. The choice is yours. God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

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