Miss Universe: A Safe Space for All Women

Miss Universe: A Safe Space for All Women

Miss Nicaragua Sheyniss Palacois was crowned Miss Universe in the just concluded pageant. She competed against 90 other beautiful queens it’s was an intense competition.

We have Miss Thailand as the first runner up and Miss Australia as the second runner up.
This years beauty pageant recorded a lot of firsts and we are here to share it all with you.

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder and this years miss universe is taking this adage by every word.

The 72nd miss universe is one like no other as it has taken a new route and this one for the books.

For the first time ever the miss universe welcomed different representations of women and diversity making it a safe space for all women. This years beauty pageant has recorded two mothers, a plus size model and two transgender women all going for the win.

The show kicked started on Nov 16 2023 in El Salvador with Miss Camilla Avella and miss Guatemala Michelle Cohn are the first married women and mothers to be on the competition. The pageant reviewed it rules last year October 2022 allowing married women and mothers to be on the competition

And the body positivity queen, mental health and hormonal issues Miss Nepal Jane Dippika Garrett also represented her community.

Miss Netherlands Rikkie Kollè and Miss Portugal Marina Machette are both transgender women representing their respective countries and their communities at large.

The beauty pageant changed its rules 2012 to allow transgender women to participate in the competition and it has been a good experience for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Erica Robin Miss Pakistan is also breaking the record for her country as this is the first time the country ever participated. She wants to use the opportunity to inspire women from her country.

The competition is finally over and it’s was a beautiful watch. Seeing all these beautiful, smart women representing their countries and communities and ensuring that the world remembers them.

A woman can be a lot of things and being beautiful is just a surface.

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