Following the recent news of American rapper, DaBaby, visiting Nigeria and touring the city of Lagos while in the company of Nigerian superstar, Davido, Nigerians have however, shown mixed feelings about the huge reception the rapper received during his stay.

Many are concerned that the amount of support shown towards the foreign rapper is never the same when Nigerian rappers require it.

In the same view, an online music journalist, Joey Akan has used the opportunity to shade Nigerian rappers for claiming to have self-respect when there should have been a meet and greet with the foreign rapper while he was in Nigeria.

He tweeted:

‘’Why is Dababy not having a one-on-one with local Nigerian rappers? No meet-and-greet? No hailings?

‘’We need the culture to respect Nigerian Wrappers.’’

‘’You rappers should go and drag Davido na. Since entitlement is usually your first name.

The tweet however, denoted some sense of sarcasm as it was subtly directed to M.I Abaga who once expressed his distasteful experience during a performance where he shared stage with JayZ, Rihanna and Usher. This was after the Nigerian rapper and the likes of Ycee, Vector and many more were not invited to the Rick Ross Live in Lagos concert back in April.

He once said:

‘’I was invited to meet Rick Ross and I responded by saying if I could do it alone but they declined. And this is why the afrobeats industry will never respect hip-hop music because ‘’we don’t support each other’’.

He also added that after his experience with other foreign artists, he realized that they don’t respect Nigerian rappers until they respect themselves.

In response to the shade thrown at Nigerian rappers, MI replied the music journalist saying:

‘’you have a small mind… so not sure you understand what false equivalency is…what‘s d point of dis tweet? To insult rappers for wanting respect? I guess self-respect would be an offensive idea to you. Insecure little joey insulting people to feel better, grow up. ‘’