Meet dog who walks with two legs like a human

In what has left residents stunned, a dog named Dexter has learned to strut down the street on two legs, just like a human.

The Metro reports that the pooch has been a local celebrity in his hometown of Ouray, Colorado, United States ever since he learned to walk on his hind legs after hurting his front legs in an accident.

According to the report, the Brittany Spaniel can keep up quite the pace on just two legs, and gives every indication that he loves the attention he gets in return.

The owner, Kentee Pasek told The Denver Post’s The Know: ‘He’s friendly, he gives people hugs. He just walks right up to them and throws his front leg on their shoulder. It’s hilarious.’

Remarkably, the 6-year-old pooch is something of an internet celebrity as well, having amassed a huge social media following thanks to his adorable strut with nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram and over 227,000 on TikTok.



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