Man Burned Alive In Anambra For Armed Robbery

Awka – A young man in his early 20s on Tuesday met his untimely death near New Tarzan, Owerri road, Onitsha when an angry mob set him ablaze for alleged armed robbery.

The man was first beaten to stupor by his captors before being set ablaze along the road very close to Upper Iweka.

According to an eye witness, the young man had pointed a gun at a trader who was rushing to the market in the early hours of today with a huge sum of money.

Upon snatching the bag of money, the victim had raised alarm and the suspect was rounded by passers-by and beaten mercilessly.

All his pleas fell on deaf ears as the angry mob set tyres on him, poured him petrol and set him ablaze.

The incident is happening less than a week after three young men were burned alive at neighbouring Nkpor Community for allegedly involving in armed robbery.

TNC had last week reported a statement by the State Police Command, urging the people to refrain from jungle justice and appealing that criminals nabbed be handed over to the police for necessary action.

Speaking on the development, a security expert, Chief Okey Udeze observed that citizens are now resorting to self-help in dealing with criminals because the Police are no longer doing their job due to the incessant attacks on them.

“We are presently witnessing a near collapse in our security system and the development is quite worrisome. Because the Police are no longer on the roads, the petty thieves have taken over the streets. On a constant basis, we see people being lynched in what can be tagged jungle justice. What we see is that even if you are in a situation and you call on the police, they will not come because they are busy protecting their formations. To me, this is indeed worrisome,” he said.

Udeze noted that the absence of the Police was due to the incessant attacks on their formations and personnel, adding that aside when they moved in very large convoys, the Police are no longer confident parading the streets.

According to him, whosoever is behind the attacks on Police, is doing the region a great disservice and must henceforth desist from such.

“If anybody says that they have the interest of the Southeast at heart, now is the time to show it. This is not time to applaud those burning and attacking Police formations and personnel. This is time to rise and condemn it. Before, we didn’t have this level of insecurity but suddenly, we are getting to a situation that is similar to other regions of the country torn by insecurity. This is an ill-wind that will blow no one no good,” he lamented.

The security expert regretted that the region is not doing enough to encourage the Police to stand up to the insecurity in the region.

In his view, government and the stakeholders should condemn the acts of violence and rally round the security agencies to deliver on their mandate.


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