Make my husband impotent, paralyzed, if he cheats on me, woman tells God

Nekede Girl

A Nigerian woman has asked God to make her husband impotent, paralyzed and financially crippled if he ever cheats on her.

This development was contained in a post on Facebook by social influencer Fegor Chime.

According to the post, the woman who preferred anonymity, said she found some sexual chats on her husband’s phone that suggest he might be oiling other women.

In view of the discovery, she prayed God to deal with her husband if he gets intimate with other women.

She, however, noted that her husband who heard her make the prayers has started questioning her.

She wrote:

On this day I was going through my hubby’s phone, normally I don’t do this except I want to send movies from his phone to mine, but on this day I didn’t know what came upon me that I found myself in his Whatsapp and found one of his chat with a lady he was flirting with. On seeing this I was angry 😡 but I controlled my anger & returned his phone without saying anything but while cooking something said into my mind🤔 that I should pray & in a special way which I did later in the night. And my prayer points were if my hubby should ever cheat on me he should become impotent, I noticed he moved in his sleep but didn’t mind & went ahead with my prayer saying he’ll be paralyzed if he cheats on me or he’ll be financially down if he should try it.

Then the following morning I greeted but he didn’t answer me but instead I went ahead preparing for work until he started asking me why I was raising curses on him & I responded with “are you cheating on me” & he was like I have not answered his question & I said if he’s not cheating on me then he has nothing to worry about, but he insisted saying I was raising curses on which is wrong considering him being my husband & the father of my child. Pls my question now DID I CURSE HIM??????

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