Lionel Messi to join Inter Miami

Lionel Messi confirms his decision to join Inter Miami

Lionel Messi to join Inter Miami

After his contract ended with PSG, there were massive expectations from coach Xavi, President Larpote and the fans that Lionel will reunite with Barcelona at Camp Nou again for the upcoming season.

More so, many football enthusiasts were expecting the World Cup winner to join Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia to continue his rivalry against Ronaldo, rather the 35 year old made his decision to try a different league outside of Europe.

During an interview season with Spanish news outlets Mundo Deportivo and Sport, Lionel confirmed his decision to lit up the American league.

“After winning the World Cup and not being able to return to Barcelona, it was my turn to go to the league of the United States to live football in another way,” Messi said.

“I wanted to return, I was very excited to be able to return, but after having experienced what I experienced and the exit I had, I did not want to be in the same situation again: waiting to see what was going to happen and leaving my future in the hands of another.

‪”The club, today, was not in a position to confirm 100% that I could return. And it is understandable, due to the situation that the club is going through, and that is how I experienced it. ‬

Is Barça still an open wound now that won’t stop bleeding?

“A little yes. For not being able to say goodbye to people as I would have liked. As I think I would have deserved. As the players I named also deserved and did. I would have liked to go that way too.” ‬

Prior to Messi’s announcement, one of Inter Miami’s owners, Jorge Mas, tweeted out a photo of a darkly silhouetted Messi jersey, an indication Messi is arriving as another great player after David Beckamp and Thierry Henry etc.

Barcelona bid their farewell to Messi following his announcement to join Inter in Miami:

“On Monday, June 5, Jorge Messi, the player’s father and representative, informed Club President Joan Laporta of the player’s decision to join Inter Miami, despite having been presented with a proposal from Barça, in consideration of the desire of both FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi for him to once again wear blaugrana.

President Laporta understood and respected Messi’s decision to want to compete in a league with fewer demands, further away from the spotlight and the pressure he has been subject to in recent years.

Both Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi also agreed to work together to promote a proper tribute from Barça fans to honour a footballer who has been, is, and always will be beloved by Barça.”

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