Less 840 Hours Before The 5th Pan African Congress! 

Abuja is getting ready. Preparations are not by any means dulled . I’s are doted, T’s crossed. God is a God of progression, always new every day, fresh breath and better dimensions each time He moves. Each four years, he comes, with a package never seen before for his chosen race in Africa under the canopy of Pan African Congress of the CatholicCharismaticRenewal. It happened in Accra, Yaounde, Kampala and Lome previously, till today the testimonies of those moments of encounter still rage and many still savoring such encounter as if it happened just now.

Time ticks, it waits for nobody. Time ticks, never allow this moments to tick away without being part of it. Time ticks, let it never be an event that will be told to you only for you to regret, wishing you were there.

Life comes in seasons, your season may be this 5th Pan African Congress, never miss it out of procrastination. It worths more than rubies and nothing can justify ones non participation except death, which for now isn’t our portion.

“Arise and Shine for your light has come” is the theme of the Congress. Your light awaits you at this 5th Pan African Congress. It comes with great illumination, its radiation blinds and bleaks the powers and forces militating against our destines. It comes with power and glory, casting light to all dark areas of our life. One needs to arise! Get off ones comfort zones, shake off the shackles of rationalisation on why one wouldn’t go for the Congress and get registered.

Time ticks, less 840 hours and the light beyond measure will begin to shine on the destinies of all within the confines of the Congress Auditorium of Chida event Centre Abuja from 14th to 20th of August 2023.

5th Pan African Congress Abuja is unique in itself. The arrays of resource persons whom God will use as channels and instruments to release grace are mighty not by their human power, rather by the auction of God upon their life.

The world we live in is filled with challenges. The destruction of values and morals. The distraught and manipulation of ethics and doctrines and the misuse of technology to push out rot and disgusting lifestyles are becoming the desired ways of life of our generation, no more am exception. There is a high manipulative strategy to reduce the God factor in our life to mere jokes. The world system is inching, closing up on our children and giving them directions and leading that tickles but kills at the long run. These are the anomalies 5th Pan African Congress sets to dismantle , building new hope for our generation and those behind to imbibe, cultivate and entrenched.

The light has already gone ahead of all the participants, enveloping the entire Abuja, shining forth, radiating, illuminating, dazzling etc waiting for you to come pick your own ember to glow in your country, family and prayer group. Don’t allow this embers of amazing light to pass you by. Get it at all cost and spread it , it worths more than rubies.

14th to 20th of August! Be part of this historic moments in the presence of God, rising and shining for his light has come to stay in Africa and do the unimaginable, delivering people from the clinch of devilry influences, moving one into one’s place of destiny, over the the strains and frustration worldly corruption

Go and register now if you have not!! Call your Diocesan Chairman, Deanery or prayer group Cordinators for inquiry.


Bro. Uche Manu KSJI, Chairman Main Organizing Committee/ National Chairman CCRN



Bro. Mathew Otalike

Chairman publicity sub-committee



Bro. Jarlath Uche Opara

Secretary publicity sub-committee


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