LAWMA Boss Sues For Waste Containerisation

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has reassured residents of its firm commitment to a clean environment despite the challenge of diesel scarcity, while also appealing that waste should be bagged and placed in containers.

The Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, spoke while monitoring the environment, noting that efforts were being intensified to clear any backlog of refuse and to stop acts of indiscriminate waste disposal around the city.

He said: “We have redoubled our efforts, working round the clock to ensure that we evacuate all waste anywhere around the city. Although the scarcity and high cost of diesel have been a major challenge as all service providers’ trucks run on diesel, nonetheless, we are leaving no stone unturned, to maintain a clean environment and prevent health hazards to the people”.

“Over preceding months, we have rolled out advocacy and media sensitisation campaigns to inform and educate residents on the importance of environmental cleanliness, particularly the act of waste containerisation. We have also supported efforts of PSP operators by providing backup services in areas that experienced service gaps, with the overall aim of eradicating black spots across the metropolis”.

He appealed to residents to properly bag and containerise their waste to allow more storage periods and prevent littering.

According to him, “The resurgence of waste observed in some areas of the metropolis is borne out of the unforeseen diesel challenges the service providers are experiencing and since tenements cannot keep waste in their houses, they have resorted to bringing it to the highways, which isn’t proper”.

“While we strongly reiterate the importance of waste containers at home, we passionately appeal and canvass for public cooperation to combat a resurgence of waste on road medians, canals and other illegal spots”,

“We are assuring Lagosians of our total commitment to rid the environment of dirt. As we work day and night to make this happen, we urge you to support our efforts because the cleanliness of the State is a collective responsibility”, he stressed.

Odumboni noted further that despite the serious logistics challenges faced by PSP operators as a result of the increase in the price of diesel, they had continued to provide services to tenements, pointing out that landfills across the State are in proper shape for an effective turnaround time of waste collection trucks.

“Before now, we had carried out massive rehabilitation work across our various landfills, to improve the turnaround time of PSP trucks servicing tenements and commercial facilities in the State. This has improved the condition of the sites, paving way for seamless waste collection activities”, he stated.

Residents are advised to direct inquiries and complaints about services on waste management issues to LAWMA through its toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617.

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