Labour, CSOs partner on COVID-19 sensitization, workers welfare in Anambra

A 12-member Labour-Civil Society Situation Room on COVID-19 has been inaugurated in Anambra State.

The Committee which is the result of a collaborative engagement between the Nigeria Labour Congress and Civil Society Organizations in Anambra, has as its responsibility, to sensitize workers and citizens on the reality, prevalence, prevention and containment measures against Covid-19.

It also shoulders the mandate to embark on advocacy and social dialogue with government and private sector employees to promote public health and employment and income protection for workers in the State.

Part of the Committee’s Terms of Reference (ToF) include maintenance of surveillance on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the workforce and adopting appropriate position as well as supporting workers who are in the frontline of the Covid-19 Pandemic with relevant information and occupational safety kits.

The ToF read, “Members of the Situation Room should, as a matter of duty, focus on maintaining a feedback system between workers, workers’ organizations, government and employers in the private sector as well as to protect jobs, wages and means of livelihood of Nigerians.

“The Situation Room is to engage the State Government on how best to gradually and systematically open up the economy for business and production and put in place effective control and protective measures against the further spread and fatalities of the novel coronavirus disease.”

Inaugurating the body, the NLC Chairman in Anambra State, who doubles as the Chairman of the Situation Room, Comrade Jerry Nnubia explained that the establishment of the body was necessitated by the need to join forces with the State Government, public-spirited individuals and organizations to resist and wage the war against the deadly disease called coronavirus.

Comrade Nnubia reminded members of the Situation Room that the body would serve as a think-tank to liaise and advice the Government on the best strategy going forward.
“Coronavirus is in Nigeria and constituting a global menace hence resisting it in Anambra would be the joint responsibility of all including the Labour Force and Civil Society Groups. While I congratulate members of Situation Room on their enlistment, I want to urge them to dedicate their energy in the struggle to wage a fierce war against the spread of the disease to save the lives of people of the State,” Nnubia said.

In a vote of thanks on behalf of the members, the Secretary of the Situation Room and the State Chairman of Anambra Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Prince Chris Azor stated said the committee will integrate efforts from all relevant stakeholders towards the promotion of human and civil rights of the citizens in the formation of a collaboration between Labour and Civil Society Groups.

Azor encouraged members of Committee to brace for the challenges and responsibilities of the assignment to ensure transparency and accountability in the Covid-19 pandemic period.

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