Judiciary Now A Department Of The APC- Dino Maleye

A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party and governorship candidate at the just concluded off cycle gubernatorial elections in Kogi State Dino Malaye has revealed that he would not seek legal redress at the judiciary to challenge the victory of the APC candidate Ahmed Usman Ododo.

The former law maker who came third in the Kogi governorship race is of the opinion that no responsible person should go to the tribunal when the APC has captured the judiciary.

“Judiciary is no longer the last hope of the ordinary people, it is now a department under the All Progressives Congress. Why should any responsible person go to the tribunal when the APC have captured the judiciary? “I have lost complete confidence in the judiciary.”

In an election reportedly marred by so many irregularities and violence, a lot of persons would be quick to assume that the vociferous ex lawmaker would head to the judiciary to challenge the outcome, instead the former APC member seems to have thrown his arms in the air in distrust of the justice system in Nigeria.

Dino Maleye was one of the frontrunners at the Kogi State governorship election held on November 11 2023 which returned APC’s Ahmed Usman Ododo certified winner of the poll according to the Independence National Electoral Commission.

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