IPOB’s South East; A Bleeding Region and Its Make or Mar Election in Anambra


The relevance of IPOB in our polity can no longer be underscored. Take it or live it, IPOB is a political phenomenon! You or I may not share their philosophy nor ideology but to regard them as inconsequential in the dynamics of the politics of the South East and by extension, Nigeria will be cheer political hypocrisy!

Nigeria, without doubt has been very unfair to the South East, but their political class is culpable, with nothing on ground at the states level in the region to be proud of. We must however give it to this resilient people to whose credit, goes the achievement of being the region with the lowest poverty rate in this country. How have a people, with abandoned 3rd tier of government, a semi functioning state administrations and a federal government that is more pragmatic at getting phytons to dance and crocodile to smile in the region than being moved by the plight of the masses, being able to tame poverty the monster of destruction that has made Northern Nigeria its headquarters in spite of their hold on power?

The fear of IPOB is the beginning of freedom, yes! But to limit the hold of IPOB on the people to fear will be unfair! They are rather a beneficiary of the people’s passion to see justice done and equity administered to a region treated as second class citizens in a federation they equally own!

Action and reactions they say are equal and opposite. This principle of life seems to be at play in the South East. Reactions of IPOB and the activities of Eastern Security Network fell short of the bar of humanity, what is the action of Government sustaining this? The hallmark of differences between a sane and not sane society is justice! The absence of justice in any society is the making of a jungle, everyone becomes a judge in their case for which anything goes at the fury of emotions! Fidel Castrol of Cuba once said: “In a state of lawlessness, it is illegal to be law abiding.” Zoo is the word of resolve of an Eastern mouth that describes Nigeria! Communication is not just what is spoken, but what is heard. What do we hear when our dear nation is called Zoo? We must hear the rumblings of minds yearning for equity, and see the reactions of a marginalized and frustrated race demanding for justice!

“Militocrazy” may be the wayward approach of the “democratic government” of Muhammadu Buhari in forcing elections to hold in Anambra State, it can militarize the state and create a war-like situation where the Victors march the streets and victims peep in fear from the windows. Government would have by that put to rest the argument on its legitimacy. Force is nothing but a proof of lost control!

The deserted streets that greeted President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Imo State and his reaction to same is a deserving honor to the spirit of the agitation of IPOB, they did, without a soul lost, and any violent occurrence recorded. They made a statement in capital letters which the President accepted and the world acknowledged that no guest is welcomed except invited by the people, the President will think twice when next he is invited by Uzodinma, or any other, what a point made in peace!

The Supreme Court might have dashed him the mandate of the people but their wills and loyalty still remains with them to be given to leadership that will respect and honor them!

On October 1st 2021, the president relished himself in the “arrest” of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, erstwhile close associate of Femi Fani-Kayode who they shamefully abducted in Kenya. Such a statement on FREEDOM celebration day shows the meanness of a nepotic mind triumphing in the trampling of a component tribe of our union!


Violence has been linked with the forceful implementation of some of the programs of IPOB, and this is rather unfortunate. But we must be intelligent enough to know that some of the buck passed to them does not fit their table. if  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s assimilation of FFK and his alleged betrayal has not attracted any violent reaction from IPOB, why would they kill Prof Chike Akunyili?

Our insecurities is as bad as the lack of intelligence gathering of relevant agencies and failure to investigate crimes, bringing perpetrators to book and justice to victims! There seems to be a conspiracy between crime syndication and our security system!

The “unknown gunmen” criminal exploits in the South East is a further slap on the face of our Commander In Chief of the Armed forces whose python has not been able to swallow the “unknown gunmen” or at least unveil them and make them known, while his crocodiles are feasting on innocent people of the region!

The Governorship election in Anambra is IPOB’s biggest opportunity to tell the world that the people are with them and they are with the people. APGA is the regional party in the South East and of course has been the party in power in the state since the inception of the 4th republic. There is therefore a conflict of political control that must be resolved. Is APGA really a party of the people, and IPOB the Ideology of the South Easterner?

I will rather expect that IPOB will rise to the occasion of the challenge thrown at them by the President with his infamous dot in the circle statement. Now is time for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to prove his political strength and Igbo leadership ordination as the man in the shoes of the Ikemba by deciding who becomes the Governor of the state on November 6th 2021, this to me will be the only way to bring their political class under control and to create an official representation of possible negotiations at the center when the need arises!

This Government cannot do without negotiating in the days ahead. It is out in the open that terrorism in Nigeria is a state sponsored carnage of a tribe against the rest!

Such government to be elected, can adopt a dot in the circle policy at promoting the potential of Anambra State to prove the future that IPOB is canvassing for the Igbo and by extension the beauty of regional government!

In Circle theorem, you can’t make a circle without a dot, the point your compass must find before a circle is drawn is a dot. Anambra is the dot of any hope of encircling this country by the ideologies of the Igbo people!

How can the excellent educational template of Anambra state become a political sell to the education loving people of the South West?

Igbo apprenticeship program is the solution to free the ignorance of the almajiri system from the wicked political class who will rather lock them down to poverty to keep them as their political machinery. At least empowering the people may break them free of a bowl of meal for their votes!

Anambra State has provided people-powered model of industrialisation than any other state in this country. How can this drive be transformed into a policy of state government to see many more industries in the State. This is the dot that must take over the emptiness of our circle at 61!

The Anambra dot 2021 will go a long way at selling the Igbo Presidency come 2023, but will the dot prove itself as the point from which circles are drawn?

Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi, an Apostle focusing on revival in the church and revolution in the nation, the BID, as he is fondly called, is also a communication strategist.

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Email: bolajiakinyemi66@gmail.com

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