“I’m ready to change the face of music across the globe” – Platini P


In this interview with Stanley Ugagbe, Emannuel Akaolisa, Timilaemi Deinanaghan and Ngumimi Iyortsuun of The News Chronicle, Afropop sensation, Platini Nemeye, popularly known as Platini P, a citizen of Rwanda, talks about his music and his new deal with the record label, One Percent International Management Services:


TNC: Thank you for creating time to have this chat with us. We are pleased to meet you and congratulations on your deal with One Percent International Management Services. What does this deal mean to you?


Platini P: The deal means a lot to me because it introduces me into the Nigerian music scene and its huge entertainment industry, so it means a lot to me and my people in Rwanda. I will also get to work with other artistes here in Nigeria and my music will be played across Nigeria.

From Left: Stanley Ugagbe – Assistant Editor for The News Chronicle, Stephanie Nnadi – CEO One Percent International Management Services and Platini P

TNC: Why did you choose to pursue a career in music rather than your course of study, journalism and communication? Also, at what point did you realize that music is your niche and what are the childhood experiences that shaped who you are today?


Platini P: I didn’t choose music, music chose me. It was like something God gave me and said, “you must do this!”. While growing up I tried quite some stuff, like football and studies too, but music kept coming to me. So from my young age I already knew I would be singing.


TNC: Anyone who listens to your music will be captivated by the rhythm, the beats and the lyrics. So apart from entertaining the mind, what will you say is the special message in your music?  


Platini P: There is no limit to my music; I just want everybody who listens to my music to feel happy. So I will be giving different rhythms and messages, it depends on what the listeners like, they will then choose for themselves, but for me there is no limit to my music.


TNC: One of the things to be noticed in your songs is that you sing more in your native language than you do in English or French, is it a subtle way of putting your language and culture on the global scene? How do you create a balance for those who will love to listen to the lyrics of your music but are limited by language?


Platini P: It is something we are working on in my coming album because I was formerly doing music for my people back home in Rwanda so I did a lot of music in my language, now it is a new scene I have to adapt to. My forthcoming album will definitely cover this area.

TNC: In a recent discussion you mentioned that you are going to change the face of music globally. What do you mean by that and how do you intend to achieve it?


Platini P: I have something that nobody has and I am going to offer it. Even my culture from Rwanda will blend into other cultures in Africa through my artistry.


TNC:  The video of your first song, Fata Amano, which was released in 2020, appeared to centre on a lady or ladies. Can you share with us what the song is exactly about and what inspired it?

Platini P: Fata Amano was not really about a woman; it means ‘to touch your toes’. The idea behind it is just to be happy and dance. Generally, I sing about love, I sing about many things because I am inspired by so many things that happen around us.


TNC: In recent times, afro music videos seem to be dominated by semi naked ladies. Some people artists seem to believe it an easy way to catch attention and sell their music.  Do you really think that music videos cannot make impact or sell without what some will regard as obscene images of semi-naked women?

Platini P: In music we try to balance culture and business. For example, you cannot go to the beach wearing bogus dress, so sometimes appearance in music depends on the concept of the song. Also for the business aspect, those who invest in music need to get results from their investment, so these are some of the ways they achieve this result without going completely against norms.


TNC: Who are your role models in the music industry?

Platini P: I look at those who are doing well in their craft; I do not have anyone in particular. I take something from them here and there, people also take something from me, we all have something to offer.


TNC: Your recent hit song ‘Shumuleta’ has been garnering massive airplay. What inspired the song? What are you currently working on?


Platini P: It is the name of a lady. There, I talked about a beautiful and dangerous woman. She is very beautiful and can hurt you if you are not ready to love her the way she deserves. I was in the studio and the idea just came out and so I decided to jump on it with the beats.


TNC: At the moment, what should your fans expect?


Platini P: My fans should expect fire! As I said earlier, this industry is huge and so I need to create something hot to be able to stand out in the competition. I will endeavor to put in much effort and energy in my ongoing project. So trust me to bring a hit.


 TNC: How long have you been in Nigeria and how will you describe your experience here so far?

Platini P: I have been here for about two weeks now, the hospitality is good, I love the way the media is treating me, my team too and the way my song is being played across the stations is pleasing to me; it is something I will remain grateful for.

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