I Owe AGN An Apology – Mr Ibu’s Wife

Mr. Ibu’s wife Stella Maris has sparked controversy with a viral video in which she apologized to the AGN after being accused online.

Stella first apologized to the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for declining their help because of her husband’s health issues in an interview with Uche Maduagwu.

Stella revealed that she had been deceived into believing her husband had not benefited from the organization while he was a member.

Actress Kate Henshaw, the guild’s public relations representative, visited her husband in the intensive care unit, according to the actor’s spouse, who has been involved in a court dispute with his “daughter,” Jasmine.

She added that Mr. Ibu and Henshaw fooled around and conversed because he was still quite communicative at the time. Stella, on the other hand, kept quiet about who tricked her Johand how she was tricked.

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