How Do I Get to Tell my Kids That Father Didn’t Die, He Was burnt – Pregnant Wife Whose Husband Was Burnt Alive By Brother-in-law Cries in a Video

A Nigerian woman who is identified as Princess Munachi has opened up in a heart wrenching video shared on Instagram by BBC Pidgin of how her husband Ifeanyi Njokure was allegedly burnt alive by her brother-in-law.

In the video, the grieved pregnant woman revealed that her late husband was murdered by a relative called Benjamin Ogudoro who is however, now in custody of the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department.

According to Princess, her late husband was burnt alive while he was asleep alongside her sister-in-law who was also lying close to her husband.

Benjamin and her Late husband had been engaged in a disagreement which was yet to be resolved when the young man stormed out of the house only to return with a gallon of fuel which he poured on her husband and her sister-in-law who were asleep and lit a match on them.

It has been a devastating moment for the pregnant woman as she is confused on what to tell her unborn child and kids.

In her own words:

“How do I get to tell my kids that their father died. He didn’t die in an accident, he wasn’t sick. How would I get to tell them that he was burnt.”


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