How To Maintain a Successful Relationship With Your Partner

Successful relationships do not just happen; it takes a lot of work. It happens when the people involved are committed to making it a successful and beautiful relationship.
Relationships involve commitment, time, patience, openness, vulnerability, a willingness to forgive and the act of giving without expecting anything in return.
This might sound like a whole lot of work but then if you aren’t ready for this, why are you in a relationship? The rewards of doing these basic things are definitely worth the effort. The successful relationships you see around you do not happen in a vacuum, the couples go the extra length in making it work.
Here are some tips that will help you build and sustain your own beautiful relationship:
Make an effort to be present: Being in the same room with your partner is not enough to be present. These days, couples seem to use text messages, WhatsApp messages to communicate even when they are in the same room. Sometimes you are so buried in your phone taking a trip from one social media app to another without actually being physically present. It is time to put those devices on mute. Put your phones down because your physical presence is one way to keep your partner interested. This is where communication becomes easy because you are giving your partner your full attention.
Talk about each other’s dreams: Some couples do not discuss a lot of things before marriage and even while married and this has caused a lot of conflicts for them. It’s time to talk about what your dreams are; what do you want? How many children do you want? How will the household bills be shared or who pays the bill? Talk about your careers, finances, any health issues you have and other topics. It might seem overwhelming, so you both have to create time to talk about each other’s concerns. Again, this is where communication matters! Do not be selfish and talk about what matters to you only. This is a two-way Street, be sure you give your partner time to also talk about his/her dreams.
Kiss and make up before you go to bed: Sometimes, arguments arise due to your fear or pain. When you are upset with your partner, check out what is going on inside of you; ask yourself if the anger is really worth it. If you get your partner upset, simply apologise without pride, to avoid building a wall between you two through pent up anger. Sometimes you have a bad day at work; you should not take it out on your partner no matter how rough your day was. Try to kiss and makeup before going to bed and ensure that you have mutual respect for each other.
It is the little things that matters: You should be able to do things that surprise your partner. This isn’t necessarily expensive gifts or dinner at exotic restaurants. If you are married, it’s time to help your wife with some house chores and taking care of the kids. For both the married and unmarried couple, you can take out time to buy little gifts for each other, go on dinner dates and here, the lady can be the one taking the guy out and picking the bill, send random beautiful text messages and do those little things that make him/her happy.
Men also appreciate love gestures so ladies should not just wait to receive, give them little surprises too.
Stay Friends: Nothing beats friendship in a relationship. You can always share any details with your friend; you can be vulnerable with your friend and know your friend has your back always. For the days when you do not feel those butterflies in your stomach anymore, the friendship will help that relationship stand. This might sound unromantic to some people, but the people who have built successful relationship for years say they are each other’s friend and it works.
If your partner is happy, it sure makes your life sweeter. So as you invest in your partner, you are investing in your own happiness and peace of mind.

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