How my brother’s wife changed to a tigress after getting married to him – lady shares ordeal

An apparently surprised Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share how his brother’s wife who used to be very nice when they were dating changed abruptly after signing the dotted lines.

In the message, which was obtained by Abiyamo, she wrote:

I used to live with my elder brother before he got married. We were living happily together and there was no quarrel or any issue at all. His fiancée, now his wife, used to stay with us sometimes. She appeared to be so cool and nice until my brother finally married her and she brought out her true character.

The first thing this lady told my brother just after two months of their wedding was that I needed to leave the house and get my own place for them to have privacy as married people. At first, my brother thought she was joking, but she turned it into a big issue. She even had to threaten my brother that if I didn’t leave the house, she would quit the marriage. My brother wanted to ask the tenant that was occupying the boys quarter to pack out for me to move in but I just told him not to do that I would get a place and move out so that I won’t be the reason why the wife would quit the marriage.I left, got my own place and moved out of my brother’s house.

Four months after I left, she started calling and apologizing and was begging me to come back that it was her friends that gave her the bad advice because they said my presence in the house would stop her from enjoying her home. I just told her it’s too late, that I was a woman like her and nothing would ever make me to think of doing what she did to someone else.

It amazes me how some women think. Siblings that you don’t know how they grew up together and how they managed to survive through life but once you are married into the family, you would want to start bringing disunity among them. It can only be possible when the siblings don’t love and understand themselves that the disunity can work. My brother has asked me to come back,I told him I won’t because I am an adult and I have my life to live. Let me face life out there and build myself. He insisted that once my rent expires, I should return to the house. I am still contemplating on that. My other siblings have asked me to do as he said.” – Chiamaka (Awka)


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