Three young men have been arrested in relation to the death of one Franca Elisha, a student of Federal Polytechnic Mubi, of the department of Library Science. The late Franca was the girlfriend of one of the arrested persons, Muniru Abubakar.

The said Muniru had impregnated Franca and tried to hide their affair by insisting that Franca aborts the pregnancy. He called one of his friends, Huzaifa Shuaibu, a student of the college of health technology, Mubi, to carry out the abortion. Muniiru brought Franca to his room where the abortion was to be carried out. Trouble started when Huzaifa administered an injection on Franca and she died in the process.

In a bid to conceal what has been done, Muniru called another friend, a student of the same Polytechnic, Rabiu Adamu, who aided Muniru and Huzaifa in burying Franca in a shallow grave. They buried her with her phone, national identity card and other items just to ensure that their crime is not discovered.

The three culprits went about their normal lives as if nothing was wrong until the law caught up with them. The father of the girl expressed shock that his daughter left home and did not come back, which necessitated the search for her till her whereabouts and death was discovered.