How Important Is A Lady’s Financial Stability Before Marriage? Here Is What Joro Olumofin Has To Say

Popular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin recently dished out advice to ladies on his Instgram page. According to him, any woman who cannot boast of a million Naira in asset on in her bank account should not even think about getting married. He said most women are more focused on getting a husband rather than focusing on building their empire to sustain them later in the future.

Below is his full post;

“Dear Ladies, if you don’t have up to N1,000,000 / $2000 in assets or in your account you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage. This is for your own good. A lot of ladies are attenuated focusing on finding a Husband instead of having financial security which leads to atrophy & low self esteem. Lugubriously, most Ladies today see having a husband as financial security, this leads to domestic abuse and disrespect when most of the burden is left on the shoulders of a man.

“Some wives don’t have vex money or start up money to start afresh in case of divorce. Having N1,000,000 in assets is having a skill than can bring you 1m in a year. Love is not enough in the millennial generation. Money matters. Ladies, having financial independence will bring a certain level of catharsis. Only broke wives accommodate Sidechicks in their marriage”.

Well, after reading this post on Instagram, I couldn’t help but see reasons with him. Like, no matter how wealthy a man is, it is always important for a lady to have a stable source of income before saying “I do”, spilling those vows to live happily ever after. My mum would always tell me, “Make sure you have your own money before you get married to any man”. According to her, having your own source of income will really earn you more respect from your man.

Aside that, having your own money as a lady would also give you this personal fulfillment.  I mean, in as much as men have dreams and feel fulfilled as they pursue them, women have dreams too. The same joy a man feels when providing for his family, building, funding projects; the woman should feel that too. Just like a man, when a woman does her dream job, lives her dreams, earns money and contributes to society; she feels more confident and filled with dignity.

Again, it is said that “two is always better than one”. A man is great by himself but with his wife, he is greater; and so is the woman. In a family, when both husband and wife combine their financial forces, they have better returns.

When a woman has a stable source of income, it also helps to achieve stability in the family. Truth is, storms happen in life. I mean, the husband can become broke, retrenched, his business can suffer huge losses or even worse, he could get sick or involved in an accident. When the productivity of the husband gets negatively affected or paused, the wife can step in even more and make sure the needs of the family are still met.

And to crown it all, a woman having her own money helps to reduce over-dependence on the man. Instead of her constantly turning to her husband and asking money for hair, food, clothes, and sanitary pads. She can be interdependent. Yes, interdependent! This is because, as a lady, just because you earn your own money doesn’t mean you and your husband don’t need each other. He is still your husband. You are in this together. The husband feels good when sometimes the wife says “Relax babe, I got this!”.



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