How I helped my sister to sleep with her husband during ‘omuguo’ – Daughter of Eve

A Nigerian married woman has revealed that while she was still single, she had sexual escapades with her sister’s husband.

In a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Fegor Chime, the woman who preferred anonymity, detailed how she went to help her sister when she newly put to bed and during the period, her sister’s husband begged her to cure his horny penis since his wife could not have sex during that period.

The woman explained that she gave in to the ploy and it resulted to an incessant knacking until she left.

She wrote:

I am a married woman, I got married 2 years ago. I once had sex with my elder sisters husband, that was before I got married.

The incident happen when I went to my sister’s house when she put to bed, my mother was sick so I was the one who went there to help her take care of her baby. One night after doing all my chores, I was tired and went to sleep.

In my sleep I felt someone beside me and gently hugging me. When I woke up it was my sister’s husband, he was begging me to have sex with him that since my sister gave birth he has been hor-ny and he can’t che-at on my sister. I told him I can’t do such, but he started begging me, So I moved to his side and hug him because I was feeling pity for him.

He started kissing me and I also  responded. Then he removed my dress and I took off his. He ride top of me, kissing, squeezing and sucking my boobs. So we had sex that night, throughout my stay there he was sexing me. And I thought I was helping my sister cause I don’t want her husband to cheat on her outside. Why I am here now is that I am married now, one of my sisters married so we all went to the village, where I was dressing my sister husband came inside and I thought he will excuse himself but he did not, people were outside making arrangements for the party, he came to me and told me he missed me, and he almost kissed me but I refused, he always look at me in a lost way, now I don’t know if I should tell my sister or my husband, cause he sent me a message that he want to have me again.

I told him I am married he said it does not matter, mummy Fegor pls tell me how to handle this, I know I made a mistake in the past but I don’t want to have sex with him again but I am always thinking of him.

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