How an Igbo man invoked Amadioha on me – Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has alleged that an Igbo man had once invoked Amadioha (an Igbo deity) on him.

The self acclaimed Table Shaker made the revelation while reacting to a comment made by one Suleman on his post. He wrote:

Dear Suleman,

Most people that hate me do not really hate me. They hate truth.

Let me give you an example with a true story. I once wrote that General Buhari has pushed the Southeast to the wall, because no Igbo man heads any of the Three Arms of Government, or is a deputy in any of them, or heads any military, police, intelligence or paramilitary force.

A certain Northerner insulted me and my father and my lineage. A certain Igbo man hailed me as a Daniel come to judgment.

Not long afterwards, I encouraged people of Southeastern descent to avoid using uncouth words on Nigerians from other regions in the pro Biafra agitation.

The same Igbo man insulted me and threatened me and my family and even my unborn generations. He invoked Amadioha on me. To my greatest shock, that Fulani man, who had previously insulted me, came to my defence and said Nigeria needs people like me.

I speak against premarital and extramarital sex and discouraged deliberate single motherhood (AKA baby mama), and women come for me. I counsel men to resist the urge to slap a woman, even if she slaps them first, they swear for me and call me efulefu, woman wrapper and onyeberibe.

Suleman, if not that God gave me a strong mind, I would have left Nigeria’s matter long ago. At least I have a very reasonable degree of wealth.

So, this your talk, it used to move me. Now, I just read and comot face! If I do not apply this emotional intelligence, Nigeria’s matter would have killed me!



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