Hayat Kimya promises to continue putting customers first while expanding its product line

One of the top producers of sanitary and domestic goods in the world, Hayat Kimya, recently added two new products to its product lineup in Nigeria as part of its commitment to ensure the manufacturing of cutting-edge and outcome-driven consumer goods throughout the nation.

The outgoing MD/GM of Hayat Kimya Nigeria, Doruk Emiroglu, stated that the company has a global footprint that is growing every day despite having its headquarters in Turkey. They currently manufacture at 21 plants throughout the world, including at their factory in Ogun State.

Emiroglu continued by saying they are proud of their operations in Nigeria and are certain that the country is one of their greatest markets. “We have put more over $200 million into our facility in Ogun, and we also want to hire more people than the over 1000 we already have on staff.

We are pleased because it demonstrates our market dominance. We are highly inventive and constantly curious about what our customers want. According to our research, Nigerians desire more environmentally and health-conscious products, therefore we catered to their needs.

According to him, the debut of its eco-friendly baby diaper and sanitary pad, Bebem natural essence, and Molped with anti-bacterial protection sanitary pad was required by the post-pandemic move to a hygienic, clean, and healthy lifestyle.

“The increasing demand by consumers for more sustainable lifestyle choices informed our decision to launch the natural essence baby diaper in the Nigerian market. The diaper, which is made with an extract from bamboo fibre and high-quality organic cotton extract, is eco-friendly and assures quality protection of the child.”

He added that the inclusion of the Molped with antibacterial protection highlights the company’s dedication to producing products that are innovative and focused on providing solutions for its steadily growing customer base.

Roseline Abaraonye, the marketing manager for Bebem Diaper, stated in a similar vein that the diaper is the first bamboo-made eco-friendly product on the Nigerian market. She continued by saying that in response to consumer demand, they would keep introducing novel items to the Nigerian market.

“This is the first diaper made from bamboo and the first organic pad in the country. This is a huge investment in Nigeria and not only are we here to stay but we will continue to do our best to produce innovative products for Nigerians.” She added that feedback is very positive as both products are already available nationwide.

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