Groom stolen from wedding reception

Cracked gold wedding ring ; Shutterstock ID 334891802; PO:

A resident of Abeokuta in Ogun State has recounted how a groom was kidnapped at the wedding ground. The news had come as a shock to the people living in the state who heard about what happened.

They were in great fear as they felt that the issue of kidnapping which though has been affecting the country, especially the northern parts, has not yet gotten to the extent where people could be kidnapped in full view of others.

Reports say the “kidnappers” came in a Mercedes Benz and whisked the groom away from the hotel where the reception was taking place. One begins to wonder how they were able to pull such feat. Was there no security? Were there no guests to intervene and save the day?

Nerves were calmed a little for the city inhabitants who thought kidnapping has come to their doorstep. When the matter was clarified a bit, It was actually a group of guys, popularly referred to as yahoo boys who carried out the daredevil operation. They claimed the groom was with their money. It wasn’t very clear if the groom stole the money or that he swindled them in a deal.  



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