Grammy Award 2022: Wizkid Gets Robbed of 2022 Grammy Award, Angelique Kidjo Wins Best Global Album

While Wizkid’s Made in Lagos (MIL) and Legacy+ by Femi Kuti and Made Kuti were among some of the albums and people in the category nominated for the award, Mother Nature by Angelique Kidjo won the best global album category at the 2022 Grammy Awards on Sunday, April 3.

Angelique Kidjo during her speech expressed that it is a big win for Africa. She has however won several awards in the past including her album ‘DJIN DJIN’ winning Best Contemporary World Album in 2008.

The Wizkid’s FC are however disappointed at the huge loss of their favorite Music Star Wizkid, claiming he was robbed of the award.


See reactions of fans:

Fashiondoctor19 said:

“Grammy robbery on wiz💔💔”

sanitydee said: 

“This is daylight Robbery, Grammy why”?

@ikaydardison said:

“Everyone is shocked. I mean congrats to her but Wizkid took over in 2020 and is still being talked about in 2021 up to now so I’m lost.”

@iam_jozimilez said:

“Angelique Kidjo knows wiz deserves that award, she must be ashamed 😒🥱, Wizkid’s made in Lagos still trending after 2 years of release, never even heard of Mother Nature song sef, Grammy na scam”

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