Government Prioritizes Citizen Engagement, says Information Minister

FG Promises Not To Compromise Press Freedom
Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris
Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, convened a strategic meeting with the Senior Special Assistants to the President on Community Engagement.
The gathering aimed to fortify their partnership and reinvigorate their dedication to disseminating government initiatives across communities nationwide. The rendezvous took place at the Minister’s office in Abuja.
Minister Idris underscored the paramount importance of rebuilding public trust, recognizing its decline as a significant hurdle to effective communication and program execution. He committed to prioritizing timely, transparent, and patriotic communication, emphasizing, “Trust cannot be cultivated when information contradicts reality.”
Emphasizing the pivotal role of the Senior Special Assistants, Minister Idris described them as the government’s liaisons tasked with “feeling the pulse” of Nigerians and conveying their concerns and feedback.
Furthermore, Minister Idris pledged the Ministry’s collaboration with the Senior Special Assistants to ensure seamless communication of government initiatives and activities at the grassroots level. He disclosed plans for the National Communication Team to embark on nationwide tours to engage directly with citizens, disseminating information and gathering feedback. Additionally, the Ministry pledged its platforms to support the endeavors of the Senior Special Assistants.
“The National Communication Team will also collaborate with the relevant Special Assistant for each community visit,” Minister Idris affirmed.
Highlighting President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision, Minister Idris expressed the goal of Nigeria to “reclaim lost ground” and attain shared prosperity.
Earlier in the session, the three Senior Special Assistants to the President on Community Engagement, led by Hon. Abdullahi Tanko Yakasai, underscored the pivotal role of local engagement in reaching grassroots communities. They sought collaboration with the Ministry to enhance awareness of government programs.
“Through partnership with the Ministry, we can leverage its communication channels to ensure communities are well-informed about government initiatives and achievements,” remarked Hon. Abdullahi Tanko Yakasai.
This collaborative initiative aims to bridge the information gap and ensure all citizens are abreast of the programs and services available to them. Among the attendees were Senior Special Assistants to the President on Community Engagement from various zones, alongside Chief Executive Officers of agencies under the Ministry.
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