Goodbye Dr. Herbert Wigwe!

A time like this will surely come. Time to go. Nothing remains permanent, transience and finite the very quality of humanity. Nothing changes it, it is beyond the creativity and artistry of anybody.  

Time to go! one reality we will all experience one day and when it comes nothing changes it, nothing stops it.

Looking back, beholding all the beauty of the world, the achievements of our industry, the fame, the eulogies, the laurels and every other things done that etched our name on gold , saying time to go could be challenging; but we must when the time comes.

From the cadre, from the ranks and from the files, up to the echelon, when the time comes, behind all that we achieved and enjoyed, we will leave, facing rather a new reality of our life.

Nothing is infinite, today, it could be all celebrations, but the dawn of tomorrow it changes yet to another thing. Nothing is permanent. Nothing last, everything has a time frame, nothing cast in stone

The toast of the moment, the glamour of the season, the star that glitters and shines, one day, they will all dim, a time to go!

Shine the much you can. Glitter with the brightness never seen before, let your fame and industry remain the lyrics always sung by all, when the time to go comes, nothing stops it.

We are strangers, we are aliens . Our sojourn is for a while. Here isn’t a resting place, a stage for a brief performance, what one does with ones time remains either ones gain or pain when the time comes to go, one must.

Savour all the accolades. Bask in the glory of all the praises, don’t build around them, they fade soon and when the time to go comes, the curtain falls.

Years back, the stage was for Nnamdi, Tafawa, Amino, Abubaka, Awolowo etc, they reigned and made waves. Nothing of their amazing records of achievement stoped them from going when the time to go comes.

Time to go! One reality we all would experience. Nothing last forever. Obasanjo, Yaradua, Goodluck, Buhari etc had their moments on the stage of Nigeria Presidency . It seemed it wouldn’t end, but when the time to go came, they all went.

Years back Pope John Paul 11 made the stage of Papacy very enviable and charismatic. His performance was soo inspiring, making eyes glued and hearts wished he continued. But when the time to go came, he went .

Nothing last forever! However expensive, however well appreciated and loved. Once the time ticks to its exiting circle, one leaves, leaving behind everything.

In your office, build no home around it. Make it not too comfortable a place, making leaving a difficult one when the time comes.

In your position, however high and respected, never get carried away by its rights and privileges, making leaving an emotional one, when the time to go comes.

Look beyond the present into the future and advise yourself to he humble, kind, humane and charitable with people. A Director, a CEO , a Minister, Perm Sec, Hon. Etc are all transient, however juicy and robust the right and privileges, when the time comes to go , one must leave.

With deep shock, Nigerians received the news of your death your wife and son. It was too rude a shock, brutal and lethal. You are gone! within a twinkle all your dreams fell like pack of cards.

You were such a fine gentleman with vision so uncommon. You are gone! Many thought Access bank would get halted for a day to mourn you, nah ! Life continues and many are already jostling for the vacant seat you left behind. They move and life moves too!

Nobody is good enough to be indispensable. Once one is gone ones chapter closes, opening another chapter for others to glow, shine and glint.

The few minutes one has on the stage of ones life, ensuring that one acts with a human spirit of compassion, integrity and love should always be the focus.

Dr. Herbert Wigwe you gave your best, your best produced great results that will out live you. Empty you came, empty you have gone back. Continue to rest in peace! Vanity! The definition of our sojourn here. Death is everywhere! In the air, on the road, on the sea etc just everywhere. No place is immune to death. Getting ready for it the best approach. It can come at anytime!

To the bereaved expecially your surviving children, I pray your goodwill finds them just like David found Mephibosheth to favor him for the sake of Jonathan.

Rest in peace!!


Jarlath Uche Opara

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