God’s Blessings: For Who?

-Dr Nwakile I. N. O


..Who is God and how did He come into existence?

.. Did God really creat all things?

.. Does every blessing come from God?

.. What are God’s expectations from the blessings human beings receive from Him?

There is a universal belief shared by almost all religions and cultures, including African Traditional Religion, Islam and Christianity, on the reality and place of God in the affairs of man. God is generally believed to be all-powerful (omnipotent), all present (omnipresent) and all-knowing (omniscient).

To the Traditional African , God is an all pervading reality about whom very little is known, and to whom belongs all powers, all glory and honor. He is believed to be so powerful and could only be approached through a multiplicity of smaller gods and deities. He is also believed to be the creator of all things, and the giver of all gifts and blessings.

Islam teaches the oneness of God (Allah) who created everything and from whom all blessings flow to man. According to Islam, gratitude to God for His blessings must be shown by using the blessings in their worship of God, by being obedient to Alla.. God, helping others, doing good to them and refraining from sin.

Christianity is almost in total agreement with African Traditional Religion and Islam with subtle differences.

Christians believe in a supreme, almighty God who created the heavens and the earth from a formless void Genesis 1:1. This God, believed to have neither a beginning, nor an end, is loving, merciful, kind and compassionate, consistently provides for man according to man’s needs and abilities. The parable of the talents shows unequivocally that God does not only give gifts and blessings to man, He expects returns of good works from the gifts and blessings and generously blesses those who make good use of the gifts and talents for the good of all. Matthew 25:14-30.

One can therefore say, without any fear of contradiction, that God’s endowments in both tangible and intangible forms are expected to be deployed and used for the good of all, and for the promotion of God’s kingdom of Justice and Peace.

What gifts and blessings does God give? What are your own gifts and blessings?

A Gift is something freely given to someone without payment, sometimes even without solicitation.

Gifts from God could be tangible or intangible. Tangible gifts are the ones we can see, feel and touch with our sense organs. Examples are money and what money can buy. They are material things. Abilities, skills, intellectual and mental capabilities are examples of intangible gifts from God. These also include wisdom, sense of humor, melodious voice and music, sporting ability, leadership and organizational ability, “infections smile and laughter, common sense, etcetera. Some of these are often taken for granted. These gifts and blessings are for our good, welfare and happiness as recipients of the blessings. They are also expected to be for the good, welfare and happiness of others, 2 Corinthians 9:8-10. God expects us to bless others with our good works.

Our good relationship with God and obedience to His will and commandments is also a source of blessings from God. God blessed Abraham for his faith and obedience, Genesis 12:1-3, and through Abraham’s blessings, all the families and nations of the earth were blessed Genesis 22:18.

What are your own gifts, blessings and talents from God? How have you used them for the good of others especially the poor and less privileged members of the society? How many people smile when they remember you, hear your voice or see you? How many people pray to encounter you in their lives? Whoever is kind to the needy honours God Proverbs 17:17.

God created a world of interdependence so that we can exist, dependent on one another as members of “one big, united family of God “. Thus no person is so rich and able and mighty that he does not need others to survive. All gifts and blessings from God bestowed upon individuals and groups are ultimately meant to be equitably distributed for peace and harmony in the affairs of man.

In conclusion, God created a world of interdependence so that we live lovingly, happily and harmoniously as members of a family.. the family of God. Everyone is important in this project, whether big or small, and should be respected and cared for. The big and mighty need the small and lowly and vise versa. Abuse, neglect and oppression of any segment of the society is a call for anarchy, instability, civil disobedience and civil disturbance and lawlessness.

God wants the entire human race to live in love, peace and harmony.

Man has distorted God’s plan for a happy and harmonious world through greed, hatred, selfishness, egoism, divisiveness and lots more. God created a world of great abundance, but man’s inhumanity to man has created a societal monster too difficult to tame.

God is able. He has the capacity to recreate, reform, reorientate and re-engineer our societies if we humbly return to Him and live according to His standards… Of love, respect for one another, dependence on one another according to our blessings, talents and gifts as members of the happy family of God.

May God graciously grant us that which we seek : A World Where The Gifts, Talents and Blessings of One, Are The Gifts, Talents and Blessings of All. A World where The Abundance of One, is The Abundance of All

:::::: DR NWAKILE I. N. O

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