Funny Reasons Why I Dislike Rains


Call me a bat all you want, I’m unbothered- I dislike rains just like bats only with different reasons. It all dates back to when I was a kid, I would pray for the rains to come, well at least not heavy downpour so I can join other kids to play in the rain. It was all good until I was about the age of eight and I had this fatal cut on my arm as I slipped off while dancing in the rain. I still carry the scar till this day. As I grew older, I hated rainfall not because of the experience I had many years ago but for several reasons I’d share with you below.

  1. Network Downtime: It is common place to walk into your banking hall during the rainy season only to be told “our system is down!” For someone like me who can hardly survive without the internet, it so annoying when you try to use to your phone but can’t due to limited network access. I hate the fact that internet users mostly experience network difficulty when trying to make calls and whenever they try to access the internet.
  2. The environment becomes smelly due to open defecation and indiscriminate disposal of refuse.
  3. Lights go out: Where I’m from, it’s a miracle not to experience power cuts whenever it is raining. You’d also have to wait an extra two days before power is restored; maybe the power distribution companies are waiting for the transformers, poles and cable to dry off, I’d never know.
  4. It could make you miss an appointment: Ever scheduled an appointment and just when it’s about time, the weather gets stormy and next thing, it starts pouring. Frustrating right? Don’t worry, you’ve got company.
  5. Food produce are typically expensive around this period. Some would argue we get food and it’s all thanks to the rain but farmers don’t harvest their produce until after the rainy season. Around this time, cost of food items skyrocket. It’s a fact that people consume food around this time of the year more than any period. Don’t believe me? Ask someone.
  6. Slows down productivity: close your eyes and imagine a situation where it rains incessantly for say two days (lazy people declare days like these as public holidays), everyone is indoors and if you’re able to go to work, you get easily tired because of the weather.
  7. Rain makes mud and clothes get dirty easily and when you wash they take forever to get dried.
  8. Flooding: because of our poor drainage systems, there’s always report of flooding in some areas every rainy season.
  9. Encourages Promiscuity: Just log into your social media whenever it is raining or after it rains and you’d see uploaded status like ‘weather for two makes three’, ‘the weather is perfect now for playing a round or two’. Funny but that’s the truth. It may interest you to know that humans just like animals mate around this period. Truth is, you can’t blame them the weather is cold and body temperature needs to be increased.


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