FreedomGPT: A New Way to Chat with AI Bots Offline and Uncensored

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FreedomGPT is revolutionary software that empowers users to run generative AI engines locally on their computers, completely offline, without any internet connection.

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The standout feature of FreedomGPT is its claim to be completely uncensored, allowing users to ask anything without restrictions or filters. This freedom from the internet also means you can utilize FreedomGPT anywhere, anytime, with the utmost privacy.

However, this removal of guardrails comes with a responsibility to be cautious with your prompts, as FreedomGPT does not have the safeguards that mainstream chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard employ to prevent the generation of biased or false information, including potentially harmful medical advice.

Exploring FreedomGPT Versions

FreedomGPT offers multiple versions, including a paid web version. In this article, we’ll focus on the most practical option: a free offline version available for both Windows and Mac (Apple Silicon only).

How to Use FreedomGPT

Visit FreedomGPT’s Website: Start your FreedomGPT journey by heading to Scroll down to the downloads section.

Choose Your Version: FreedomGPT provides options for the internet, Windows, and Mac versions. Select either the Windows or Mac version based on your computer’s operating system.

Select an AI Model: After launching the setup, you’ll encounter two AI chatbot options. The first is LLaMA, a generative AI tool developed by Meta, available for developers to download and customize. The second is Alpaca, a version of LLaMA fine-tuned by Stanford researchers. Both models come in two variants: fast and full.

Start Chatting: Once you’ve installed FreedomGPT and your chosen AI model, you can begin chatting on your computer. The interface is straightforward, resembling ChatGPT, but there are some distinctions and limitations worth noting.

Interface Features: FreedomGPT offers unique features accessible from the top left corner of the interface. You can effortlessly switch between different AI models on the fly and download additional models not available on your computer.

It’s important to note that FreedomGPT’s interface has some limitations. All your chats are stored in a single conversation, and starting a new one requires reloading the app, resulting in the loss of previous chats. Additionally, the AI bot does not retain much memory of past interactions, making it better suited for one-off questions rather than lengthy conversations.

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