Fr Alia!

Destiny can be very tricky. It takes a deep decerning mind to discover it and follow it without second guessing. Not many are lucky getting a clearer vision of why they came into existence and how it can be achieved early enough.

Congratulations! You braved it! You got it, off course not on a platter. 2 years after your ordination Fr. Moses Adasu did a similar thing. He blazed the trail and made good out of it. He broke the jinx and proved how a clergy could be that fantastic in governce and still maintain the dignity and integrity of his vocation as a Catholic priest, a soothing validation of the finness and top-notch quality of Catholic priesthood.

To his credit were the establishment of Benue State University, Benue college of education Oju,Benue Yam floor company, Benue Juice Company etc. Sadly he didn’t last long, no thanks to the 1993 Abacha’ military coup. Till today late Fr. Adasu remains the best Governor of Benue state. That title has stayed long with him, who will take the title off him? Fr Hyacinth Alia? Time will tell.

Before you hit the ground running, it will be important to appreciate why you got the mandate. For those who don’t know Fr. Alia, he is a Charismatic priest whose passion to liberate, deliver and bring healing and joy to the downtrodden very legendary. Through his ministry souls have been liberated and given a new hope to live.

It will be difficult not to see his victory through the lenses of his ministry as the goodshepherd , whose heart beats and gets worried over the sad realities that dehumanised the people.

He has no wife, he has no biological children and the crave and temptation to fall for the sin of kleptomenic tendencies, the very sore spots of many politicians, very remote.

He is lucky, half of the baggages , pressures and incumbrances that other Governors deal with are off his space, except he would deliberately create them by himself.

Clearly without exaggeration Fr. Alia has a head start over other Governors. It will be expected he makes use of it and hit the ground running.

His chances to succeed is high as well as his chances to fail. His position very delicate and sensitive; many achilles heels , only dedication, integrity, godliness, capacity etc will shield him and make his administration one of a beacon, showing nothing but excellence and sustainable development that will change the narrative, giving the people of Benue a fresh air.

His garment is of immaculate quality. He needs to guard it very jealously like a jewl of inestimable value.

It is our hope and expectation that Benue under his watch will experience transformation and the name Fr. Hyacinth Alia engraved on marble, weaved on canvas in very amazing colour for posterity to celebrate. However, it will be more of our pride and joy that his immaculate apparel of priesthood will be free from stains, torns and derogation, our greatest wish . You are catholic! You are priest beyond reproach. Let this be the alarm ringing daily as you discharge your constitutional duties.

Congratulations! Set the pace and chart a new path in our political space.


Jarlath Uche Opara

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