Four Major Habits That Are Bad For Our Mental Health

These days, a lot of us hardly pay attention to our mental health. We are all caught up in the rush-rush of our lives that we hardly take note of some of the habits that are negatively affecting our mental health.

Looking back to when we were younger, we didn’t have a million things on our minds. But as we got older, we get bombarded with more responsibilities, and to cope with this increased burden, we sometimes take on habits that are bad for our mental health.   Whether we are aware of them or not, it’s important that we take note of these unhealthy urges and eradicate them head-on.

  1. Skipping meals;

A healthy mind comes from a healthy body. So, when you skip meals, while it affects your health physically, it also affects you mentally. Meals like, breakfast, lunch, and dinner should never be skipped; it doesn’t matter what your excuse is. You also need to stay hydrated.

  1. Not socializing

Always isolating yourself from people can also affect your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert, learn to socialize – Go out and meet people, take a walk, feel the sun on your skin, the grass beneath your feet, just get yourself off your bedroom.

  1. Not sleeping well;

Many of us have this habit of missing out on sleep all because we are “hustling”. Like, we think it is cool to miss sleeping and resting because to us, it means we are busy, we are being productive but a day would come when it would backfire. We all need to get close to seven or eight hours of sleep each day. Sleeping long doesn’t equate to laziness.

  1. Always check social media notifications;

This is also one of the things that also mess with our mental health and every one of us is guilty. We are all used to checking out people’s status, posts, and pictures on social media. At the end of the day, we curl up in bed and start analyzing what we have seen, comparing their current situation with ours. It actually happens to me a lot of times. Like, anytime I log in to Instagram, I get depressed instantly. But this is not healthy for my mind. So, what I usually do is this – whenever I am scrolling through social media and I start getting insecure, I force myself to leave. If possible, shut down my phone.


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