Five Things the Vagina Would Say to All Ladies if it Could Talk

Dear ladies, in your busy schedule, have you ever paused and wondered what your vagina would say to you if it had the ability to talk? It is the most sensitive and magical place in our bodies yet it is always ignored.

If the vagina could talk, I imagine her being a very angry little girl with shard breaths and eyes red with anger.

Here are the five things it could probably tell every lady out there.

  1. Call me by my name.

Don’t be ashamed to call me by name. I don’t really appreciate the fact that I have been called many weird names, from pussy, to vayjayjay. My name is Vagina. There is no a.k.a attached to it. It is just Vagina. My name shouldn’t send shocks of shame throughout your body whenever it is pronounced. It is not a taboo to call my name either.

  1. I am not meant to smell nice.

You see, I have been told that I don’t always smell nice. It’s actually very rude to say such stuff about me. I was not created to smell nice. It’s just nature. It is what it is and you have no right to make me feel bad about my natural odor. If you can’t handle me, then maybe you should look elsewhere.

  1. Fresh air keeps me happy

Throughout the day I do nothing but hang out underneath your clothes covered up in fabric. It’s even worse when you squeeze me so tight with those leggings and oh my gosh! Those jeans too. It hurts and it always feels like I am choking. Just like humans need fresh air and light to survive, I need that too. The world wouldn’t stop moving if you remove your panties and stay naked in your room. Let me see the sun please. Fresh air keeps me very much happy and excited.

  1. Look at me more often

Ladies, please can you look at me more often? I know I am very difficult to see but you can use your mirror. The same way you crave to be pampered by men is the same way I crave to be pampered by you. I want you to treat me with optimal care especially when it gets to that time of the month when I bleed a lot.

  1. Trim the bushes surrounding me

Just like your breast and the rest of your body, I need to be taken care of. I want to be loved and adored. I hate it when I am surrounded by bushes. It chokes me. So, please, trim it down once in a while. Enjoy me. Love me. I am the most magical place in your body. Think about it. Life is created here. You know, both of us could make an epic team if only you will learn to nurture me with your thoughts and caresses.

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