Fireboy DML’s career run is making a stellar mark on the Nigerian music landscape. After the release of his 2021 smash hit “Peru”, prior to the official chart topping remix featuring the English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, Fireboy DML, launches another canon titled – Playboy.

Playboy is his 2022 debut single which he likens to as another anthem. His input upon Bizzouch’s produced Playboy unfolds so much simplicity assited with an easy to chorus lyrics that is backed by a lingua his demography could adopt naturally, eventually when the record is properly marketed.

While Playboy’s lyrics, essence and theme compliments each other, it could be DML’S current state of mind. The sake is because the few years his career has risen to echelon, entailed with so much fans attention mostly from the females who continually flock themselves to him and his romantic art, doubled with the appeal his songs accompany fans.

Fireboy DML is in a prone state. He is vulnerable as it is part of what his current cannon Playboy captures, while he has continued to peak in streaming numbers and entrapping the interest of listeners through the music. Remember, how the records snippet was welcomed by fans and listeners at the time prior to the song’s official release few days ago? “Ooof” was the key word for every fan and listener to take home with at the time. And now, the record has been launched, while I’m expecting the lingua to gain ace popularity and a wide spread in becoming a reserved commodity on Nigerian pop culture.

Indeed, Nigerians could adopt that at once before they could manage to join the next trend wagon. Finesse has come and perhaps Ooof could be the next influence they should be prepared to experience, maybe before they might desire to resurrect Zanku dance once more. “Ooof”, let’s get started Nigerians, can we?