FIFA WC: Players were paid $40,500, not $60,000—Falcons

FIFA WC: Players were paid $40,500, not $60,000—Falcons

Super Falcons have refuted claims regarding the prize money paid to each of the players who participated in the just concluded FIFA Women’s World Cup co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia this year.

The Federation asserted that players were paid $40,500 as against the supposed $60,000. According to Punch, the reduction was brought about by the substantial level of tax imposed on their match earnings by the Australian Tax Office.

A member of the Falcons team that spoke with Punch said:

“There’s nothing hidden there, it is what they said FIFA gave to them to pay players. We got $40,500 each, and they said it was the Australian tax. Maybe FIFA should explain.”

Another player added, “It is true that we received $40,500 and NFF said it was from FIFA.”

Director for Communication for Nigeria Football, Mr. Ademola Olajire said tax authorities deducted 35.5% from the agreed amount each player to earn: “The tax authorities, based on the contract they had with FIFA, deducted 32.5%, meaning each player got $40,500 each as against $60,000. The players were shown the email from FIFA.”

The Super Falcons, who reached the round of 16 after successfully finishing as a runner-up to co-host Australia, were eliminated by England via penalty shootouts following a goalless 120-minute stringent encounter.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup was the biggest edition ever, with FIFA expanding the tournament to 32 teams and also increasing the prize money significantly. They earned $30,000 for making it through the group stage and another 30, 0000 for reaching the knock-out round.

Conversely, all teams that played their group and knock-out games in New Zealand enjoyed tax-free deductions. They were given tax-free status by New Zealand’s Internal Revenue Department.

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