FFK writes Mr. President, tells him of his sins

One of Nigeria’s fiercest critics, Femi Fani Kayode, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians suffering from Boko Haram attacks and what the “58 years of northern oppression, tyranny, aggression, manipulation, and hegemony over Nigeria has actually done for the northern masses”. 
In the letter, FFK, as he is popularly known, blasted the president on his attitude towards the ongoing carnage by Boko Haram against innocent citizens.


He said: “You released hundreds of Boko Haram fighters from prison claiming that they are reformed and a few days later 30 of your citizens are blown up by the same Boko Haram in Borno state. 
“Worse still on that same day 16 members of the same family and four others were herded into a room and burnt alive by Fulani militants in Kaduna state.
“After these terrible events instead of rushing back home to stand with your people, you stayed in Addis Ababa, lamenting and crying about the security situation in Libya and you sent your Vice to a funeral in Nairobi. Such insensitivity, even by your own standards, is rarely seen.
“It took you three long days to finally see fit to leave your foreign friends, leave Addis Ababa and fly directly to Maiduguri to express your condolences to the Governor and people of Borno.
“Even then you could not muster the courage to go to the town of Auno where the bombing took place but only to Maiduguri, the capital of the state.
“Understandably you were received with boos, jeers and shouts of “ba ma so” (meaning “we don’t want”) by the crowds that lined the streets and this was an eloquent testimony to the fact that the entire nation, including the north that you claim to represent and be a champion of, is fed up with you and can no longer bear your incompetence and inability to run the affairs of our nation.
“Worst still hours after your condolence visit Boko Haram attacked Maiduguri itself hitting one of its suburbs called Jidari Polo.
“Yet most disturbing was not his sheer effrontery but the fact that the only thing that you had to offer the leaders and people of Borno state when you got there was a lame and self-debasing question which was “I wonder how Boko Haram still survives?” 
“You went further by blaming them for “not taking care of local security” forgetting that that is meant to be your job and not theirs.
“In your so-called condolence visit, you refused to take responsibility for your own inaction and failure and instead you seek to pass the buck to the very victims of terror that you claim to have come to mourn!
“You refused to inspire and encourage them and instead you accused them of, at best, irresponsible behaviour and, at worst, collusion with the enemy”, he lamented.
He also added that during the President’s visit, a ridiculous thing occurred. “Worse still as you spoke your Minister of Defence, who sat just a few feet away from you, fell fast asleep!”, he disclosed.
FFK also heaped the blame of northern poverty on the leaders and blamed southern and Middle Belt leaders for not uniting to resist the northern hegemony
“Since independence mass poverty, terrorism, religious bigotry, ethnic hegemony, Islamic fundamentalism, arrogance, born to rule syndrome, the worship of cows, ignorance, disease, hate, racism, feudalism, pedophilia, child marriage, VVF, gender inequality, male chauvinism, the persecution of Christians, the suppression of women, corruption, deceit, greed, ingratitude, a sense of entitlement, tyranny, insensitivity, bloodshed, genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and gratuitous violence have all been deeply embedded in and associated with the core north”, he pointed. 
He also revealed that the World Bank said the north had an 87% poverty rate which was why it opposed the idea of the south to be on its own because it could not be on its own without the south.
“Worse still, according to UNICEF, if Nigeria were to ever break up the core north would be the poorest spot on planet Earth.
“I guess this is why northerners keep screaming “one Nigeria” and threatening the lives and liberty of those that do not share their view. Without Nigeria they would be groping in the dark, wobbling on their feet and literally starve to death.
“All this yet they insist that they were “born to rule” and that southerners and Middle Belters were “born to serve” them and be their slaves!
“Yet I do not blame the core northerners: I blame southern and Middle Belt politicians and leaders who have refused to unite and who have failed to resist them and stand up to them over the last 58 years.
“The history of our national records that there were a few great men of remarkable courage, extraordinary fortitude and immense valour that not only did their best but were also gallant, fearless, selfless and outstanding in their quest to deliver our people.
“Some of them were martyred and others were jailed whilst all suffered an unprecedented and unbearable level of humiliation and persecution. Yet despite it all, they continued the struggle.
“They identified and understood the problem and fought hard in their respective ways to fix it and deliver our people from northern hegemony, domination, and bondage but sadly they all failed”.
 He, however, charged southern and Middle Belt leaders to arise and act now against the “bondage” they are in.
“The new generation of southern and Middle Belt leaders must NOT fail because this is the final lap. For our generation failure is NOT an option.
“We have no choice but to use all lawful and non-violent means to break the yoke of subjugation, servitude, slavery, and bondage and to succeed in our quest for total liberation. If we fail to do so future generations of our people shall NEVER be free again”, he concluded.


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