Family Dog Bites One-Year-Old Girl To Death

336 views | Francis Azuka | March 23, 2021

A one-year-old girl who was bitten in the head by her family’s pit bull mix when she reached for the animal’s food bowl has been confirmed dead.

According to Metro, A’Myrikal Hull died last Thursday when the female pocket bully – a pit bull Patterdale terrirer mix – bit her at her family’s home in Springfield, Indiana.

The report stated that the attack was witnessed by A’Myrikal’s six year-old brother, who has struggled to sleep since.

Family friend Cory Painter said: ‘The baby walked by the dog as she was eating and reached for her food. This is nothing new. The dog would eat snacks out of the baby’s hand.’

In her remarks, Painter, who averred that she is ‘terrified’ of most dogs, told The State Journal-Register that the attack was totally out of character for the pocket bully.

In her words, the dog was one of the few she felt comfortable around, and that the animal was normally so gentle it could be bottle-fed.

The report said the dog belonged to A’Myrikal’s grandmother Bobbie Jo Stengal, who was also the little girl’s guardian.

It was disclosed that the dog, which had been in the family for four years, is now in the custody of Sangaman County Animal Control. An autopsy has been scheduled, with Springfield Police continuing to investigate the fatal mauling, reports said.


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